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    Windows BCD boot error after installing Yosemite

    saame problems with yours... still waiting for some fix or work around..
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    NVIDIA Releases Mountain Lion 10.8.3 Graphics Drivers

    Thanks tony!!
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    MultiBeast 5.3 Update

    Tony, and the team, thank you so much... :)
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    UniBeast - Mountain Lion 1.5.3

    thank you Sirs!:)
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    Complete Hackintosh and HTPC novice

    I remember I was in the same place as yours right now- the first thing I did was: READ ALOT OVER THE FORUMS,.. The sections are laid-out properly, starting from buying advice.. But if you're curious specifically on the softwares you want to use, regarding it's HTPC compatibility issues, then...
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    Who is the real Tonymac??

    Hahah! Nice hypothesis! +1 on the one who said he/she works inside apple.. But I wonder, I'm sure he/she's under close NDA measures and bla bla bla.. I think he's around 20+~35+ .. ^_^ He has all the time in the world . . Perhaps one day, when Hackintosh stands up worldwide as a WINWIN...
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    H61M-S2-B3 sound & ethernet

    just rinse and repeat the process mate,..sometimes it took me ten times just to get a part working,.most of the time it boils down to how you really understand the process, and the procedure to do so..
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    Zotac Silent GT 430 - all ports working in 10.7.2!

    Hellow! Sorry to revive this topic, i came here not because my GT430 isn't working. It does work: transparent menubar, ripple-effect in adding widgets. However, i do find it quite less snappy, or lets say, laggy whenever i open the applications folder, or utilities folder. Even when i transfer...
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    [SOLVED] Multibeast 4.2.0 failing

    Hello.. Same experiences here. I find it helpful if you narrow down ur installation. I nailed the kexts or tweaks down one by one,. I find it less problematic if you don't install all at the same time..
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    GA-H67MA-USB3-B3, MultiBeast?

    Just adding some suggestionS: You can go ahead and search/read on the wiki's provided and stated by tonymac. perhaps you can find your specific motherboard model and type there. I also suggest you search for the specifications of your motherboard on google, so as to know the built-in audio and...
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    Installing Lion with Win 7 already installed?

    Just adding some stuff, you can use either the two of these 3rd party mac apps to 'write/edit' files inside NTFS partitions: a. Paragon NTFS for Mac b. Tuxera NTFS for Mac I'm currently using those two in my MacH machines. Cheers! :thumbup:
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    Hackintosh and xcode

    i second emotion here! I've been doing just like yours. No problems whatsoever with Xcode and mackintosh pc. my team even deploy apps onto our iOS devices. Cheers! :headbang:
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    Hackintosh or normal Apple PC for iOS Development?

    i would like to confirm that 3rdworldcountry pipol like me and my team use Hackintosh Machines for iOS Development, primarily because it's cheaper, faster (tho not as HighQuality as the real Macs), and flexible (win/linux transition onto mac osx).. So far, no problems,. we've been able to deploy...
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    H61M-S2-B3 sound & ethernet

    Hi! I currently am using the GA-H61M-S2-B3 Motherboard. I used the Atheros AR8151 next. here's where i got it: For audio, it worked OOB. :)
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    Recommended build

    Thank you for sharing! :)