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    10.13.4 - Only Some USB Ports Working

    Any update on this issue? I have a Z370 Gaming 3 board and just completed building my own SSDT based on Intel chipset port discovery. But some ports on SSDT don't work, while some on ASMedia don't, I counted them and they all add up to 15 (!). So my guess is we need to find a way to include...
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    USB SSDT MaciASL Compile issue

    Hi all, I've created my own SSDT for USB ports per this guide. When I try to compile it into .aml, MaciASL just stuck in rainbow and iasl62 compiler hogging 100% CPU without any result. I've tried waited for like 5 hours to no avail. Is there anything I am missing? Do I need any special kext...
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    Solved > Sidecar is not working?

    I too was having this issue, and all I had to do was change to a compatible iMac model in SMBIOS.
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    Graphics Test: Bruce X

    Upgraded to Mojave, now it can do ProRes442 in 9 seconds! YEAH!
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    Graphics Test: Bruce X

    Some weird results here. I have a new RX 590 which swapped out the GTx 1080 Extreme with very disappointing results, thought using AMD would boost my FCPX performance, something is wrong. Gigabyte Z370 Gaming 3 Intel i7 8700 64GB DDR4 2400MHz Sapphire RX 590 Nitro+ macOS 10.13.6 Final Cut Pro...
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    Quick Sync hardware encode w/ nVideo card as primary

    Try rollback your webdriver to 387. BruceX will run over 3 mins on my GTx1080 Ti if I use the latest webdriver. I have had to rollback to 104 in last 3 macOS updates.
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    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 (387.

    I tried .104, it seems fixed at first, then as I experiment more, it's not really fixed but kept to a minimal. For example, with the newest web driver on 10.13.3, every time I close a Safari window, there is noticeable lag, the whole screen freezes a second or two, but with the .104 driver, you...
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    System massively slowed down by Safari (or Chrome)

    My Safari will lag somewhat during normal usage, but the whole screen will freeze for a second or two if Safari is doing something heavy, or quitting from/closing a busy tab/page. Dsiabling Canvas Accelerated Drawing and Full Page Accelerated Drawing totally solved the issue.
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    Strange behaviour with 8700 Quick Sync w/ GTx 1080 Ti

    Never had a problem enabling internal graphics, even with my previous rig which the nVidia web driver needed iGPU as the secondary Metal renderer. Maybe it's your ig-platform-id, try get that sort out first.
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    Unbelievable graphics problems on two diffferent builds

    I don't know whether power management works 100% or not, but as long as the computer can switch off monitor, can sleep, CPU frequency go up and down normally and can restart/shutdown, then I am good for it. I never hibernate my hack, since hibernation is extremely glitchy, even on my real Macs.
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    Cant get any boot loader onto ssd. and can't get dual monitors on gtx 760(el capitan)

    I can't of much help here without further details of your hardware and configs. But have you tried only plug 1 monitor in for boot up? For my GTx 980, some web driver will break dual monitor setup, keep reboot before login if both monitors are connected, I can plug the second monitor in after...
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    a good graphic card for video editing?

    Yeah, AMD prices is nuts at the moment, in Hong Kong we have over a hundred computer shops packed in 1 area and another computer mall just 2 tube stations away, but all they have from AMD is Vega 56, all RX x80 and Vega 64 is out, and even Vega 56 they want about €700 for it!
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    Unbelievable graphics problems on two diffferent builds

    I am on Coffee Lake 8700 and I am using iMac 13,1 and also its board-id.
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    Quick Sync hardware encode w/ nVideo card as primary

    There are a few things you need to do no matter your have AMD or nVidia dGPU, like having correct ig-platform-id, setting up BIOS correctly etc. But nVidia have NvidiagraphicsFixup.kext to fix IOVARendererID/SubID issue, I am really not sure how to go about this with AMD dGPU.
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    Quick Sync hardware encode w/ nVideo card as primary

    You may refer to this post Strange behaviour with 8700 Quick Sync w/ GTx 1080 Ti see if it helps. I have slightly different setup than you, but the concept is the same.