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    [Q] ASUS Ranger VII Ethernet stopped working?

    Hey guys, So YAY I'm back hackintoshing again, but Boo that my ethernet has stopped working Post install! While running Pre Multibeast it had working ethernet, but now its MIA? I didn't install a driver when I ran multibeast as didn't think it was necessary since it was already working...
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    P-State Stepper Error 18 ???

    Sorted it myself by fooling around with different settings... Thanks for reading though.
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    P-State Stepper Error 18 ???

    Hey guys, Doing my first Haxxintosh in a while, and I keep running into P-state stepper error 18 at step 2 in context 2 on cpu 0 freezes while its trying to boot after running multibeast. Now, i'm not entirely sure what I should/shouldn't be ticking in multibeast to start with, but I...
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    What Monitor or Display Do You Use?

    I have a Samsung S23A950D
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    Getting best FPS in Games?

    I know OSX isn't using all the oomph my GTX660ti has - my FPS between windows and OSX is anywhere between 30 and 100fps different at times lol.
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    Getting best FPS in Games?

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    Yikes - where did all my oomph go?!

    Yup - I just used the MutliBeast one and that has fixed it :) I'm still saving up for my new ivybridge i5 lol Thanks for the help guys - much appreciated!
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    Yikes - where did all my oomph go?!

    Thanks for that - it seems to be stuck/sitting on 16 -_- So with that I am guessing I need to rerun multibeast and tick something? lol
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    Yikes - where did all my oomph go?!

    For some reason my CPU is running awfully slow - Geekbench just spat out a when my usual scores are 10K+ Da heck is going on?
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    Getting best FPS in Games?

    Hey guys, I am wondering if anyone else out there plays games such as WoW and Diablo 3 on their haxxintoshes and if-so how do You go about getting the best FPS possible? Compared to running on Windows - OS X gives me terrible FPS in World of Warcraft... on Windows I can run it quite happily...
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    Official CustoMac Mini 2012 Guide and Notes (in progress)

    I've just built myself a new system with the same motherboard, a 2500k and a gtx660ti - and after installing and running multibeast, it will no longer boot past the white apple screen... I've reinstalled and reinstalled and does the same thing every single time. I have been using the nondst...
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    Mac OS X 10.9 appears in Google Analytics logs - What Will it be Called?

    Mac OS X 10.9 appears in Google Analytics logs +1 for OS X Maru
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    Z68X-UD3H-B3 Multibeast - Help me!

    Hey guys, in the past i've used my Custobeast multibeast thingy when doing fresh installs - but i've since gotten a new graphics card (GTX 660 Ti) AND updated by BIOS to the new UEFI one that gigabyte bought out. So basically I need help with what I need to select in MultiBeast (for...
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    Upgrading from GTX460 to GTX660 Ti

    Sweet, thanks for that... Hopefully it doesn't take Too long to come out then, as I'm back on Windows ATM /shudders