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    Need help install Monterey on USB

    Read and learn :)
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    install 2nd Public ß2 from Full Installer or Upgrading ß1

    Yeah, they've added DFU mode which apparently is the only way to downgrade, but then you need another mac which I don't have atm. And no internet recovery for M1 macs...
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    install 2nd Public ß2 from Full Installer or Upgrading ß1

    Yes, that's what I thought would happen but the only option I got there was to reload the beta. I then made a BS USB-stick and chose that in boot options instead of recovery and got told that version of MacOS was to old, I also tried that from recovery as it showed up there too but got the...
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    install 2nd Public ß2 from Full Installer or Upgrading ß1

    Might be an issue with M1 Macs, I got crashes when trying to open pics in Messages for one, and when trying to update to beta2 I got a popup telling me I had to be an "Owner" to update.. and the only way around that one was to do it via Terminal. But what made me say don't, was that I found it...
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    install 2nd Public ß2 from Full Installer or Upgrading ß1

    The only way for me to get these betas to install, on a real MBA, is to run "sudo softwareupdate -i -a -R" in Terminal. Maybe that helps on a hack as well? That said, if you plan to install the beta on a genuine Mac.. don't, just don't.
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    [Success] Big Sur try on Sandy Bridge Z68 Board

    Running you config.plist through the Sanity checker turns up a few issues..
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    Big Sur App Store Downloads Stuck...

    Updating apps from the app store has issues on real macs with Big Sur too, seems the solution may be Sign out of Apple ID Close App store Open Finder app. Go menu > Go to folder...> ‘~/Library/Caches/ ' Backup/delete the following directories: Reboot...
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    macOS 11.1 Update

    No issues at all on an M1 MacBook Air, but had I seen this before I updated I probably would have thought twice before doing so :think:
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    I have a problem before taking off through Opencore

    Run your config.plist through this, it will give you a good idea what you are missing.
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    New Apple Silicon Macs: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini

    Picked up a MacBook Air yesterday and I must say I'm impressed so far, either my i9 sucks or it really is that good :)
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    DRM is broken on Big Sur 11.0.1

    The only way I found to fix DRM was to disable integrated graphics and change smbios to iMacPro 1,1 after doing that Apple TV and whatnot works.
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    macOS 11.0 Big Sur is Now Available on the Mac App Store

    Yeah, I think I'll get back to this later...
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    macOS 11.0 Big Sur Public Beta is Now Available

    Smooth update, hit update and went away, came back to the login window
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    MSI Z87 (Haswell) unable to upgrade clover past 5122

    Go here, it's really very straightforward and a well written guide to OC