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    X58 and OS X El Capitan? (X58A-UD3r)

    You guys have 72 hours to figure this thing out & write a step by step guide for dummies otherwise I am whipping out my credit card & buying a new motherboard from Newegg :thumbup:.
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    Apple Car Speculation ~ What is really going on here ?

    As a Tesla Model S owner, I envision Apple entering the EV market & will likely dominate cars selling in the $35k-$60k range & Tesla leading the high performance upper end of the market, Fanboy of both company's, shareholder of both company's & user of both company's products puts me in a unique...
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    Haven't done a clean install in a couple years & don't follow tonnymac all that closely but I simply used ElectronShapers Multibeast settings then used the code for trim enabler & this was the easiest install ever. Thank you community!
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    I don't know how to enable TRIM on 10.10.3

    I encountered the same password problems...since I am clueless I kept trying for a couple of days & now trim is enabled. Kept asking for password but couldn't type it in, then I would past the codes but stuck in this I said clueless but working now.
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    GA-X58A-UD7 + i7 920 + HD5770

    Sweet! If you got iMessage working can you help us out over here
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    Success - GA-X58A-UD3R

    Easiest clean install ever, used Dantastic's MB 6.0 settings except for networking & everything except for iMessage is working great so far.
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    Chimera 2.0 Now Available with iMessage Login Fix

    Worked great after reboot, thanks.
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    Which System Definition?

    I switched to 12.2 for the same reason.
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    Change System Definition?

    I use Chameleon Wizard.
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    update to 10.8.2 ???

    Here is the official announcment\thread if you need more info
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    6870 after sleep.

    :thumbup: My Sons Z68X-UD3H Magic Mouse was laggy after sleep & for some reason we had used a Mac Mini definition, this thread reminded me to change to iMac 12.2 & now lag is gone.
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    6870 after sleep.

    Changing system definition to IMac 12,2 fixed the problem for me, katiebug2u explains everything in this thread...
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    Should Apple Buy AMD?

    Intel rumored moving to non-upgradable desktop CPUs with Broadwell
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    Just bought a Radeon 7850 in hopes that 10.8.3 will support

    Topic is being discussed here...
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    Logitech c310 Webcam not working for me. OOB???

    Did you try different USB ports?