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    Booting after updating from 6600K to 7700K

    Last year I built a Hackintosh with a VIII Impact and a 6600K processor. I went for the 6600K instead of the 6700K because 6700K was sold out at the time. I used this guide for the most part - They had a deal for the 7700K this year, and...
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    (Almost Success build) Asus ROG maximus VIII Impact, i5 6500 3.2ghz, GTX980 Ti 6gb.

    How do you get the Intel 750 to show up? When I boot the installer the drive does not show up.
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    Mac Mini Knockoff - Will this build work?

    You can get a DW1560 M.2 card and replace the existing M.2 card on the G1 board. The DW1560 card is Dell branded BCM94352Z card. It's fairly easy to get. This leaves your PCIe slot open. I haven't done this yet - still working on my build. I'm using an Asus Impact VIII motherboard.
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    Handoff/Continuity Hardware List, 2016

    Which patch did you use?
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    Handoff/Continuity Hardware List, 2016

    Didn't say you had to be connected or paired. I said WiFi and Bluetooth have to be working over PCI Express. As far as I know Apple has a hardwired restriction that it has to be done with hardware. Using an Apple Broadcom BCM94360CD/BCM943602CS/etc is the easiest thing to do, but it's not always...
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    Skylake Advice

    Ok, I feel dumb. The Z170I Pro is installed vertically. Had to see it at a different angle....
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    Skylake Advice

    Ok, so it looks like the ROG Maximus VIII Impact is just like the Z170I Pro Gaming board. It appears to have the same "WiFI GO!" configuration. The Impact has the (newer) U.2 connector for SSD storage instead of an M.2 Socket 3/M slot. This guide shows how to replace the "WiFi Go!" card with...
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    Handoff/Continuity Hardware List, 2016

    I have also found this subject rather confusing. From what I can tell not having Continuity/Handoff support means you don't have WiFi. Which means you're likely plugging in via an ethernet port. So if you have both Wifi and Bluetooth working, you have Continuity/Handoff support. As far as I...
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    Skylake Advice

    Ok, so I am also planning a build with a Mini-ITX board. I need to use the PCIe slot for my graphics card. And I need Wifi and Bluetooth to work since this machine is going upstairs. The more I research this, the more I feel like I'm tumbling down the rabbit hole. The boards I am specifically...