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    Wifi adapter in PCIe4x

    I'm about to buy a Gigabyte B360M DS3H that has 3 pcie expansions, the card wifi card that I'm going to use is a Fenvi FV-T919 that is x1 and the only PCIe x1 is after the x16 to put a graphics card, what is left is the PCIe x4 to use. Can I use that wifi card in a PCIe x4? Otherwise I'll have...
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    Mac Pro Mod, or something close to it

    What have you used to mount the motherboard on?
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    Snow Leopard, Update Helper And Updating

    Thank you. The link in the guide was not working and I could not find in the downloads page.
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    Snow Leopard, Update Helper And Updating

    I have a Sandy Bridge notebook and a Snow Leopard disk and no real mac. My issues are that I can't update to the latest version since I need the Update Helper from the guide but I can't download anymore. Also in the past I tried to use the update helper to install 10.6.8 but when restarted I...
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    Mac Pro 1.1 Mod - ASAP (As Stock as Possible)

    Which screws are those holding the gpu?
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    MacPro 2009 clean as possible

    Please say something please, we really need to know what you've done to the working ports in the back.