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    Quadro K1100M on HP ZBook 15 G2 Mojave

    where is the post of a successful Quadro K1100M setup on Mojave with full acceleration ? thanks
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    ZBook 15 G3 success (i7-6700hq)

    Has your card M1000M worked yet?
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    [Guide] HP ProBook/EliteBook/Zbook using Clover UEFI hotpatch

    Hi Rehman! My laptop HP zbook 15 G2 / 15GHz Core i7-4810MQ / Quadro K1100M + 4600hd / ALC280 I installed hotpatch for high-sierra 10.13.6 on my laptop. But when I was running the command line "./" to install kext L / E. after installing some kexts, the laptop is panic then...
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    [WIP] VoodooI2C I2C Trackpad (Limited Support)

    Instantly it works ,after I restarted ,It didn't work My file IO below
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    [WIP] VoodooI2C I2C Trackpad (Limited Support)

    My Laptop:Mobo: ASUS X540LA/XX265D (Clover)--CPU: i3-5005u/Intel Wildcat Point-LP--Graphics: HD5500, 1366x768 --Asus Toudpad ELAN1000(my Signature) First I loaded it with terminal ,after I restarted ,toudpad didn't work. I install the kext to S/L/E(Or copy to Clover).It still didn't work
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    [WIP] VoodooI2C I2C Trackpad (Limited Support)

    I patched with win 10 and run VoodooI2C.kext , it's working fine.But after I restarted ,toudpad didn't work.Can you help me? Thanks