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    intel HD and 940M

    Thanks! Sorry for posting in the wrong place xD I was thinking that was the correct place to put it, but no, I'll try to be more careful in the future!
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    intel HD and 940M

    Hey everyone! I have heard that due to nvidia optimus using both my GPU's in not possible, but sometimes I find conflicting facts. So I have found the following post: This is essentially saying you can select a program...
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    Can I hackintosh my laptop?

    Thanks! Dang it about my 940M tho
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    Can I hackintosh my laptop?

    Hey everyone. So I have been wanting to hackintosh for a while, and now my friend is doing it, and just getting fed up with windows, is driving me even more to do it. But I will need to know my compatibility, as I do not want a not working hackintosh :p So here are my specs: cpu: intel core...
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    Dual Socket 2011 + Thunderbolt

    I have no idea about thunderold dual socket mobo's but what I am thinking is you could just take a compatible dual socket mobo and put a compatible thunderbolt card in it!
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    Real time 4K editing hackintosh help !

    I am not sure about real time 4k video editing, but 4k should be no problem (I think) but which program are you using? Premiere is as far as I know more nvidia optimized and final cut pro is for sure more AMD optimized, good luck! For the rest I am absolutely n00b at hackintosh compatibility so...
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    Disable Intergrated Graphics or use Dedicated gpu instead

    Hi all! Sorry if this is the wrong section, I just dont know where else to put it :banghead: So I have a laptop (specs can be found below) from which I know I can hackintosh it, I don't mind that the wifi doesnt work. So now for me to fully use it I want to run programs like premiere pro, unreal...
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    Anyone got advice on customac pro

    Hi, I am thinking of building my first hacknintosh soon, and found the customac pro socket 2011 a good build for me:beachball: I saw the 2 GB version on the list, but I would like 4 GB of gddr5, so wlil this one work: and could I replace the...