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    windows ethernet wont work.

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    Attention SandyBridge users... New Lnx2Mac RTL81xx available

    racerx90: Thanks for posting your kernel log. For some strange reason, your machine is getting a fragmented packet, which v0.0.90 still doesn't support. That's the reason for the failure.
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    Is that a bulged MBP battery? or you're happy to see me ?

    Suddenly my 2008 17" MBP, started rocking on the table... Thinking I placed it on a pen or something, I lift it and... OMG !!! Swollen-MBP-Battery.PNG
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    Problem with Realtek® 8112L

    Have you tried limiting the number of concurrent sessions on your t*****t clients ?
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    Problem getting internet on 10.7.2

    Give a try
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    [10.7.2] Card is not obtaining IP address occasionally

    I believe you refer to this ;) It has nothing to do with hackintoshing, nor with drivers, as this has been reported by lots of people on different platforms and OSes... Seems Gigabyte boards are most susceptible to this though.
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    trendnet teg-pcitxr trouble with lion 10.7

    What's the chipset of that card ?
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    Attention SandyBridge users... New Lnx2Mac RTL81xx available

    Hi guys, Sorry to hear about your issues with my driver. Would you please install the debug version, and keep and eye on the console to try to identify any special message that appears during this period ? Thanks, Lnx2Mac
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    Data Collection & Possible solution to Z68 USB issues! Vote!

    Hi everyone ! After being AWOL for a [way too] loooong time, I'm back, and will try to look into these issues. It will help if you could try to identify on your kernel.log any special message that might explain this behavior with my kext vs. the official one. Happy holidays Lnx2Mac
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    Lion on GA P55M-UD4 Key USB 100% OK

    You can add 'darkwake=0' to your kernel flags in org.chameleon.Boot.plist...
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    Realtek 8111E actual throughput inconsistent.

    Have you checked viewtopic.php?f=19&t=7277 ?
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    [en0:rtl8168_rx_interrupt] Rx packet size() > mtu()+14!

    You probably modified MTU (configured jumbo packets, which are still unsupported)
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    Network Issues, computer freezes at high outgoing traffic

    eakukin, I've tested high throughput with netperf... And achieved over 800Mbps on full-duplex... However, if using t*****t, this might lead to lots (hundreds ?) of connections, which might trigger the problem. I'll try to reproduce it here. Also, could you rerun your test scenario, while...
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    Panics with Realtek RTL8111E and Lnx2Mac kext on Snow

    dandal, First of all, start booting verbose so you get a "printout" of the panic... Then post the panic here... Also, as you are encountering stability problems, I'd disable any kind of overclocking. No point in doing so if your rig is not stable enough. Lastly, search the forum for NotShy's...
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    Buying Advice for Standalone NIC?

    iRobie, Have you tried my RTL81xx v0.0.90 ? (Download from my blog, not MultiBeast)