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    Install Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard on Ivy Bridge Based PCs

    I've got a recommendation for the installation process of ML... My system was running like crap, a lot of different errors which did not end up with functionality... Instead of installing the 10.8 and Multi beast as told, with the latest 10.8.2, I did the "old" trick used to install 10.6.8...
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    GUIDE: GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3-i5 2500k-6850-10.8

    Hey Guys! I did just have a huge success with 10.8.2... Updated BIOS to F13, Made a Unibeast with 10.8. Installed without GPU and with just 4gb installed. Installed OSX 10.8 as the guide says. THEN, I did launched the latest Multibeast, but didn't do anything with it, just have it...
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    New 2012 Mac Lineup Compared

    Please! Be aware of the lack of GPU in the 13" rMBP!! It does only have the HD4000 as the 13" MBP/MBA has got... The screen as great, but thats it more or less for the rMBP in comparision to 13" MBP/MB.... Think about that..
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    GUIDE: GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3-i5 2500k-6850-10.8

    Thx for a Nice Guide! Which BIOS version are you using?
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    2012 Mac Spec Sheet Leaked - All New Models & Prices!

    The Macbook Air is really nice, BUT with no further possibilities to expand the RAM, it won't live that long.. =(
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    Performance loss OSX <-> Windows

    Okay, thank you very much... Didn't know that actually.. Just a another question. Is there any differences between a Hackintosh and a real iMac in gaming Performance? Or is it the same deal? Haven't done any gaming in 6 years.. Now I decided to start once again when I finished my Studies at...
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    Performance loss OSX <-> Windows

    Hi! I Really love my Hackintosh... But how about Performance between it and Windows? Running a i5 2500K RAM 2 x 4gb @1866mhz HD6850 1gb SSD drive. It feels like when gaming, that games like Starcraft 2 is running much smoother in Windows 7 then in 10.6.8.. Will upgrading to 10.7.3 improve it...
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    100% Functional with DSDT, can I add FakeSMC?

    Is there any risk that a plugin will corrupt my install or in someway make it un-usable?
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    100% Functional with DSDT, can I add FakeSMC?

    Hi! I've successfully installed my Hackintosh with 100% functionality and stability so far, but my problem is the temperatures found in iStat Menu, cannot see any of them besides a incorrect value for my SSD. When using a DSDT and an installation via Multibeast which I didn't check the FakeSMC...
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    Bluetooth receiver recommendation

    This one works just fine.. It costs like nothing but takes about 2-3 weeks for delivery. ... ible-11866
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    Fresh install of Lion Guide and booting in...

    Sounds good, but like a big hassel? It's still a good job performed by you. Why not wait for iBoot for Lion?
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    MultiBeast 4.0.0: Lion Edition

    Thanks! :clap: Install complete 10.6.x system with prev. version, or just install 10.6.x and head directly for 10.7.x and install Multibeast 4.0.0 ? Thx in Advance
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    Buy SSD for Lion? Thinking about TRIM

    What do you mean? Have I missed something today or have they fixed the issues?! :D
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    Buy SSD for Lion? Thinking about TRIM

    You're very Welcome to Visit Sweden if your ever thinking about visiting Europe. Going to study my Master now, but then I'm Back in Gothemburg (Göteborg in swedish), the second biggest City. Oh man! The companies are really ripping us off here in Sweden.. the 120gd SSD is $194 on Newegg, it's...
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    Buy SSD for Lion? Thinking about TRIM

    Yeah, I'm aware of that fact... But all of the Sandforce chipset has the same problems... I'm going to buy the SSD in a local store (biggest and cheapest in Sweden anyway.. MISCO, ever heard about it? A quite big company in Europe) and if I'm countering any problems, they have to replace my...