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    Black screen after logo from second boot

    After some playing around I found out that if I boot from the usb the OS works, so I just copied the entire EFI folder from it to the SSD and now it boots right up. The EFI files got messed up during install apparently
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    Black screen after logo from second boot

    Had a Mojave install for a few years and it got overfilled with a lot of everything so decided to do a new clean install. While at it decided to go for Catalina Managed to install it somehow, booted for the first time, added a few things I needed from Multibeast and now it wont boot up, if I...
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    catalina instal fail

    Had a Mojave hackintosh for some time now, since I overloded the system with stuff and aplications decided to do a clean new install of Catalina. Disconected all hdds and ssd exept the one I want to install it on. Made a fresh install disk using UniBeast , Clover load normaly, I get the external...
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    OSX wont load

    So I did a fresh hackintosh Mojave install a few days ago , fixed all the issues and it worked normaly , I didnt touch my computer for 2 days and today when I turned it on clover loaded but when it got to osx boot it is stuck on a full loading bar. I have tried booting from the usb ...
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    HDD visible in disk utility but not in finder

    I have an issue that my external hdd is seen in disk utility but can't be mounted, and seen in finder, any solutions ? Since it is some old drive that I don't use that much, I tried formatting it again with no luck, also mu oder usb hdd sometimes does the some, sometimes it works fine
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    A Beginner's Guide to Creating a Custom USB SSDT

    So after doing the complete tutorial one again and deleting some usb driver in refi driver folder, it works , I have no idea what went wrong the first time, probably some code error I didn't see , thank you for the tutorial once again :headbang:
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    A Beginner's Guide to Creating a Custom USB SSDT

    Followed everything im the tutorial , and now I have 0 usb ports showing in the IORegistry , i just have XHC@14 and XHC@1400000 under that with no ports , and the usbs arent working at all , just the 3.1 which is on a separate controller , I double checked the SSDT
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    I messed up clover

    After my system SSD failed 2 day ago I bought a new one today and did a clean Mojave install, al good, except I got the restart instead of shutdown issue. In my trying out everything I found one thread that had reinstalling clover with some changed options as a solution, so I try that to find...
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    OSX wont start

    So I have a hackintosh for well over 4 years, and High Sierra for about a year, no issue , last few days it has been running a bit slower , and today after a restart (I just wanted to restart it after rendering a video) the clover boot goes into overdrive with a milion lines similar to the ones...
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    I made a mess

    So trying to update from El Capitan to Mojave first spent 3 hours after updating the clover because it would not load and I got the line of pluses , after finaly resolving that I went on to update the OS everithing was going smooth, the computer rebooted 2,3 times, then it got stuck on a...
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    3 monitor only 2 work

    I cant seem to get my 3 monitor configuration to work, I have a hackintosh with an MSI R9 280x graphichs card , one newer monitor is conected via DP , and it works fine, and I have 2 older monitors that only have DVI and VGA , and since my card has only one DVI port, I went on and conected one...