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    Name the Next macOS (12.0)

    My bets are: Mac OS Sonoran Mac OS Klamath Mac OS Mount Shasta Mac OS Goose Lake Mac OS Stanislaus
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    Is my Notebook compatible with Hackintosh?

    Yes, it is compatible with Catalina. You can try this guide:
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    Stuck on Apple logo after Intel inject

    Have you followed Clover guide or OpenCore guide?
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    [Guide] Booting The USB Installer Using OpenCore

    Yes, I know. But I think it would be interesting to update the guides untill Catalina. Only a suggestion... Cheers!
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    [Guide] Booting The USB Installer Using OpenCore

    Finally!!!! Congratulations, @Feartech !!! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: By the way, Won't Rehabman's guides be migrated to Catalina's fórum, will them? Catalina is already in 10.15.4!!! Or Tonymacx86's philosophy isn't aligned with Clover anymore?
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    Problem with intel HD 520 brightness help. (DELL 5557)

    I don't know why no one helps you. Unfortunately, I don't know how to do it... =/
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    [READ ME FIRST!] Graphics Setup & Troubleshooting

    Link is broken.
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    boot problem

    Read here and make sure your profile is how it's recommended:
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    Macos on old laptop

    So, you must start by reading these 3 threads: 1) 2) 3)...
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    High sierra offers only 4 mb on HD5500

    Hi, Yassine. I'm sorry, but your High Sierra installation is a mess. I would recommend you to reinstall it using RehabMan's guide before going ahead. I hope it can help you!
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    Waiting for DSMOS.

    Please, can anyone help me to install El Capitan? During install process as per Rehabman's Guide, it gets stuck in "Waiting for DSMOS".
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    Display brightness slider not showing up in system preferences on a Qosmio X775-3DV78 laptop.

    No "Problem Reporting" files attached. Read FAQ, "Problem Reporting" again. Carefully. Attach all requested files/output. Use the tool mentioned in the FAQ, that way it is less likely you'll omit...
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    Name the Next macOS (10.14)

    MacOS Klamath or MacOS Monjave or MacOS Tamarack
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    No sound and internet (and other fixes)

    Hello! Thank you, RehabMan, Carlox97 and feartech. I guess now everything is working fine, except iMessage and FaceTime. (Wi-fi is working but internet speed is much slower than with ethernet... but it's ok... I thought it wouldn't even work!)
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    No sound and internet (and other fixes)

    Thanks, feartech and Carlox97, my battery status is working now. I tried to fix brightness control using IntelBacklight + Brightness Fix/Brightness Fix (HD3000-HD4000) but it did not work. In both cases, I get full brightness but I'm not able to change it. I see the brightness slider but...