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    iCloud on Ivy Bridge

    so talk with tony and let him update bridgehelper with new kernel
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    Pro Tools HD 10.1.2 Build on Gigabyte X79 (Success)

    Pro Tools HD 10.1.2 with digidesign hd core card pci, u mean pci or pci e if pci, does pci works under osx
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    128GB RAM and 16 cores / 32 threads X9DAI

    can i build aja system hackintosh without nvidia quadro 1800.????
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    Huge News! Gigabyte UEFI Sleep/Wake with NO DSDT! [TESTING]

    small q? plz does HDMI and dvi works with this motherboard if does ? does work together at the same time
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    iLok (fail) with hackintosh

    PACE Licesnse Support file is apparently not included in PT10 installation files So ran PT9 installation, which has this PACE file included. Pro Tools installed and launched without any problems. Good sign... then uninstalled PT leaving the other components untouched (except for an old AVID...
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    Msi P55A Fuzion Mainboard ? it works ?

    hello everybody and thanks for all hard work i want to bulid my 3 hackintosh with Msi P55A Fuzion Mainboard does it works ? with i3 or i5 ? thanks for helping
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    stable X58A system ?

    any one ? :beachball:
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    Looking to build a Hackintosh rig for Music Production help!

    hi does Ga-X58A-ud3r works without any issues for protools HD2 pcie ? i want a very stable system ? 24/7 thx
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    stable X58A system ?

    hi all i want best stable x58 board i heard Ga-X58A-ud3r but some user report issues maybe with bios setting or something like that look for this will know wat i meant
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    Proposed ProTools HD Sandy Bridge Hack

    protools Hd pci-e recommend 10.6.7 not 10.6.8 becuase KP i know SB better than X58A but But what I meant is better for 10.6.7 plz wat the best Z68 motherboard run os 10.6.7 (stable) not 10.6.8 without get KP thanks
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    Proposed ProTools HD Sandy Bridge Hack

    thanks so X58A better than sandybridge :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: 12 Gb ram with i7 950 will be great for mastring :arrow: Ati or Nvidia ? thanks for quick reply :wave:
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    Proposed ProTools HD Sandy Bridge Hack

    sorry just i have a simple q? does protools HD pci-e (NOT PCI X) work with (x58A) i mean all Pcie slot works without issues with 3pcie ( PT HD2 - intensity pro - GFX ) thx
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    Proposed ProTools HD Sandy Bridge Hack

    Hi everybody i have Protools Hd2 PCIe & Blackmagic Intensity pro PCIe & ilok & dual Dvi eizo monitor & 3HDD i want to bulid hackintosh just for protools 8.0.4 does GA-X58A-Ud3r (any ver ) works OOB or another one will be best ?? Ati or Nvidia ? or not problem anyone out dual dvi will work ? i...
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    Shuold Mac Graphic card work on hackintosh like real mac ?

    thx now im searching for best card for FCP ? ATi or Nvidia ? FCP recommended Ati ? but i heard nvidia card it best for cut down rendering time because nvidia have cuda driver ( cuda = let (GPU+ RAM + GPU) works together ? Ati have opencl ? who best plz ? thanks again
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    Dual Graphics Cards

    hi ATi 5770 not work for 3monitor (dvi - dvi - HDMI ) at the same time it work for one dvi and one hdmi at the same time u need to active DP port >>> Dvi to get 3monitor. if u need best card for 3 monitor then go buy Ati 6870 it work (one dvi - one hdmi - Mdp>>dvi )