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    [Sucess] Asus P8Z68-M Pro, i5 2500K, 6870, Lion/Win7

    Hi, I have a similar setup, Asus P8Z68-Pro with i7 and ATI 4680 graphics card. I can't get it to boot without iBoot. What DSDT file / settings did you use? Thanks.
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    Asus P8Z68-v (almost working, need help!)

    I'm in exactly the same situation, I get kernel panic errors as soon as I install Multibeast so I'm stuck on iBoot too.
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    Build Log: Asus P8Z68-V PRO, i5 2500K, Sapphire HD 5770

    I'm stuck at this same point and even if I restart with iBoot I end up at the same point. Something happened at the point of Combo update and Easybeast... Any ideas anyone?
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    Is there any NON-GIGABYTE Sandy Bridge compatible board

    There's also a thread on here for an Asus P8Z68V-Pro user that has it working fine.
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    Pre installation - Hard Drive set up check

    Thanks for the fast reply. Is the Software RAID0 a fast and stable solution and am I likely to see close to double the bandwidth of a single disc?
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    Pre installation - Hard Drive set up check

    I'm planning on building a CustoMac and using my "old" hard drives as well as a new SSD. The machine will be for Photoshop Lightroom use mainly. Is it possible to have the SSD as the OSX Boot Volume and then 2 x 1TB SATA drives in RAID0 and a further 1TB SATA drive for backups? Could this...