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    Success Gigabyte B360 HD3

    I have. given up trying to get intel video working and bought radeon card which works really well here is my EFI folder good luck
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    Success Gigabyte B360 HD3

    USB works fine but no acceleration on UHD 630 Only 7mb and no audio on HDMI everything else works fine GIGABYTE B360 HD3 32 GB mem Intel i3 8100 ay help with graphics would be appreciated
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    Thunderbolt will not work after restart

    disable boot from thunderbolt (works for me (GA-Z170-D3h)
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    nvidia web driver

    when I open safari the image is garbled and in mail it looks as though it is trying to show all my emails at once all garbled together yet google chrome works just fine. If I switch to the default nvidia driver everything is fine. I am running el capitan on a asus Z170P MB with a ge force GT 760...
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    Asus Z170P Ethernet Problems

    Using the excellent info on this site I have the latest version of OSX running.I have got sound on HDMI from my nvidia GT760 the only problem I have is the realtek ethernet which is connected but has a self assigned ip address so I have use a usb wifi adapter . The funny thing is that when I...