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    MultiBeast 9.0.1/Clover issue on new install of Sierra

    These are the install.log entries from the ALC898 driver install attempt: Dec 6 22:21:36 Brians-iMac installd[339]: PackageKit: Executing script "./preinstall" in /private/tmp/PKInstallSandbox.85fSPG/Scripts/org.tonymacx86.cloverAlc898.zlib.pkg.JUvxXe Dec 6 22:21:36 Brians-iMac...
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    MultiBeast 9.0.1/Clover issue on new install of Sierra

    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP5 TH Problem: The SSD that Clover/Sierra were installed to won't boot, must boot from the USB Installer Problem Cause: The /EFI/BOOT and /EFI/CLOVER folders were not copied over from disk1 to the EFI partition (disk0s1), repeated MultiBeast installs failed to...
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    i7 3770k Vs. i7 3930k Pro Tools

    There are quite a few people running Pro Tools fine on i7-3770k. You might want to visit the forum aimed at audio/music production. It's located under Forum -> The Clubhouse -> System Usage -> Music
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    Hey guys. Quick question...

    I would follow the information on this website and build my own system if I were you. You should definitely use an SSD instead of a HDD for the boot drive. If you built a system like that yourself it would be cheaper.
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    Can I run Mountain lion on my desktop...

    Yes... try searching the forums for more information.
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    Hackintosh using Snow Leopard 10.6.3

    It looks like you had the HDD and DVD drive connected properly, according to your BIOS. If your HDD is blank then you should only see your DVD drive as a bootable drive in Chimera. Make sure you don't have any USB drives, etc. plugged in. Are you hitting F5 to refresh the list of bootable...
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    I'm new but I need help please!

    You should be installing by using the UniBeast method to install directly to 10.8.2. Ivy Bridge didn't exist when 10.6 was around so I don't think you'll be able to install it from the DVD. If you had an older system then that install method would work fine.
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    I'm new but I need help please!

    You should follow this guide for 10.8: You're not going to get 10.1 running properly on a new Ivy Bridge system.
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    A little confused about my first build

    It looks to me like the BitFenix uses cards with a regular-sized bracket, if so, then the card that I linked would be the card that you want. Someone more familiar with that case would need to answer your question. You might also check out other BitFenix builds here to see what other cards...
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    A little confused about my first build

    The answer to both of your questions is Yes. Depending on which case you use you might need this version of that FW card though: It has a longer bracket for mounting the card.
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    So, is my "super-computer" compatible with OSX?

    Yes, your hardware is mostly compatible. Ditch the Xonar sound card and use the onboard sound. I'd suggest buying an SSD to boot OS X then you can keep your 2TB for Windows gaming. You'll want the boot drive to be less than 1TB unless the boot loader can handle a large drive now-a-days...
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    New CustoMac Pro 2011 need advice please!

    You can find builds on this forum using the ASUS Sabertooth X79 and the ASUS Rampage IV Extreme. X79 systems are certainly just as stable as LGA1155 systems. The X79 is just a bit more work to get installed and working properly.
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    Display Question

    The new Thunderbolt display requires a Thunderbolt port so it won't work. If you buy an older miniDP or DVI version display then it should work fine.
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    I would like some urgent hardware advice!

    Agreed that it probably wouldn't make sense to destroy such a system if it's working. If the system is an Early 2009 model with a quad-core then a new i7 would be faster; especially if you need more than the 16GB RAM maximum of the Mac Pro. If it's a dual quad-core then it makes less sense...
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    Troubleshooting iMessage Login Issues

    It worked for me but it wasn't my only problem and it wasn't the only thing that I had to do: 1) My first issue also caused a minor problem with iCloud. That was that my serial number was not unique. I used Champlist to generate a new, valid serial number. I then manually updated...