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    Dell Latitude E7450 - Post install stuff need help with

    Can someone write a short summary about what you managed to get working and what not, specially focused on more problematic things like keyboard/trackpad and audio. thx
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    [Guide] Asus ZenBook UX303LA (Broadwell Edition)

    Thanks.:thumbup: It seems like the perfect laptop for my needs, the only concern I have is with the failing hinge, seems to be a design flaw and since I want to keep this PC for long, I am starting to have second thoughts. Back to the mSata, I was even thinking about adding an extension and...
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    [Guide] Asus ZenBook UX303LA (Broadwell Edition)

    I am interested in this notebook, and I am wondering if you can boot from the msata? Or if the BIOS doesn't support it, can you boot from a msata drive using Clover? Thanks.
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    What is in the HP Probook Installer/What does it do?

    Agreed, there is/was this obsession with "vanilla" that sometimes is just not constructive. I can't think of any sound argument why the extra kexts we use shouldn't be in /S/L/E. It must be an aesthetic thing in simple words "make the OSX system files look as much as it's on the Macs" pushed...
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    External display stops working since 10.10.3

    Thx, was missing the import part :) Keep us updated, the patch should still work normally, the key phrases didn't change.
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    External display stops working since 10.10.3

    Since we are on the topic, I am new to clover (and the HP Probook Installer Clover Edition), how do you inject the Capri patch, where can I access it if I would want to modify something?
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    External display stops working since 10.10.3

    Same, DP-to-HDMI adapter-to-HDMI switch-to-HDMI display. Are you using a different patch or method?
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    External display stops working since 10.10.3

    Still works with no problems for me, I installed using your Clover guide (first time I follow an install guide here and it was painless).
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    Using Continuity to send text messages

    Most likely it will not. If I remember correctly we tried with other cards before with no success, but you can try it with the little one installed below, just use a little piece of tape for the test (or search for 1 year old threads).
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    Wifi card for my Probook 6470b?

    Check if your notebook already has the BT (mine does), in that case buying the combo is pointless. PS: HP uses a separate BT module.
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    Probook 6570b OS X 10.9

    DP->VGA adapter ;)
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    All about 6x70b & 10.9

    It should work fine, just find the right caddy and you should have no problems with any OS. I didn't do it so I wont be guessing what caddy is the best fit, but with a little research you should be fine.
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    Mouse and keyboard sometimes hang on startup

    Wasn't this a known issue, when sometimes internal keyboard&trackpad would not respond at startup?
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    Why does flash video on youtube continue to play when pressing back button

    For me it happens with Chrome v. 34.0.1847.116. Maybe it is a feature:P.
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    HP ProBook Installer 6.1: 4x30s and 4x40s support

    I never heard of anyone with a Probook and HD4000 being able to use the VGA port.