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    Fan Speed Monitor

    Hi Been away for a while. My system has been stable for a few years now with zero problems and is still quite fast for it's age. I have not updated past OS X 10.11.6 EL Capitan (scared to). Just lately my system fans (3) have been ramping up in speed as if the case is getting hot inside then...
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    My Mac Pro Hack

    The power socket needs rewiring. I cut of this plug and replaced it with two Molex male plugs that each connect to two drives in parallel (a four pin Molex can be used because the Apple system does not need the Orange 3v connection to the drive) Some problems are being experienced with this...
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    USB 3.0 PCIe Cards that work OOB in El Cap
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    Suddenly machine won't start - reboot loop.

    Here is my Verbose screen:
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    Suddenly machine won't start - reboot loop.

    Hi My machine has been stable for around two years but yesterday at first start-up the machine got so far then re-booted itself. Now the machine just goes into a re-boot cycle. I have started the machine with -v and -x -v but the screen does not remain static long enough to take a screen-shot...
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    Pi Mac Pro Hackintosh

    Can you post a link to the seller of this case please.
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    A Simple G5 Case Mod

    I agree with your comment regarding case ventilation but I never like to see a standard ATX PSU thrown into the bottom of a G5 case, to me, airflow should be from the front of the case to the rear. in this build the hot air generated inside the PSU is being blown out of the front of the case...
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    dsdude123's Budget-Friendly Project PowerHack

    It looks like you have an air circulation issue. The air being drawn in at the front could be being sucked into the PSU via it's large 120mm fan then the hot air is being blown out at the front where it is sucked back in via the front fans creating an 'air short circuit' I realise this build...
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    Mac Pro sata wiring harness help?

    The 8pin connector is the power connector that supplies all four of the drive connectors (in two pairs) In my case I purchased the SAS to SATA converter from the US and modified the 8pin power connector myself by removing the original Apple connector (which originally connected to the Mac Pro...
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    Would El Capitan work on older hardware?

    Board: MSI P35 Neo2 Chipset: Intel P35 CPU: Intel quad core, socket 775 Graphics: Nvidia 8800 GTX The board does not have a UEFI BIOS. Should I be able to install El Cap with Clover in legacy mode? I've searched but I can't find anybody who has installed El Cap on this hardware.
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    Unable to purchase El Capitan from OS X 10.7 on my MacBook

    I am writing this on an early 2008 17" Macbook Pro 4,1 It has been upgraded through the years to it's latest version, El Capitan 10.11.5, when updated I have been able to download each version to the machine via my App Store account for free. You are then able to create a USB install device...
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    Dual boot installation errors

    Does Win 10 64bit require the GUID (GPT) parti Thank you sir, using this I was able to install Win 10 as a dual boot.
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    Dual boot installation errors

    I've got a fully functional El Capitan installation running but I would like the option of Windows 10 as well. I run el cap from an SSD but I also have a 1tb HDD in the machine so I will use that to install Win 10. I have downloaded Win 10 64bit from Ms and used 'Rufus' to create a bootable...
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    Having Install Problems On Older Hardware

    This solution did not work. I suspect this is a Clover issue on this hardware. I decided to try a Unibeast 5 / Chimera / Mavericks install and 'hey presto' the installation went like a breeze and I was left with a fully working system. Shame I can't get Clover / El Capitan to install on this...