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    Announcement: AMD Ryzen Based Systems and tonymacx86

    Don't be too worry about this, USA's antitrust law will force Apple to break up the CPU manufacturing department into independent company. It will then come back to square one....
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    Asus X299 - Catalina Support

    After updated 10 10.15.6, I'm facing with a screen freezing problem with Radeon VII... anyone with VII facing the same problem?? *update on 10th Aug 2020, Solved.. sort of.. I removed the "SSDT-X299-RadeonVII-WEGVII.aml", restart. Run for two days, no freezing. Then I put the...
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    Dominus Extreme + W-3175x

    I see that your system is Asus Dominus Extreme/3175X/Radeon VII, running stable?
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    ASUS Hyper M.2 X16 Card V2

    SOLVED!! Following KGP's excellent Guide, And Mork_vom_Ork's HotPlug/HotSwap solution...
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    ASUS Hyper M.2 X16 Card V2

    can you share your TB3 ssdt? I have the same system as yours, have the hyper x16 and need to place the TB3 at slot 6 as well.
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    Asus X299 - Catalina Support

    Can I ask if your Thunderbolt card is working?
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    Asus X299 - Catalina Support

    I have to thank you, I don't know why, but My x299 wasn't able to boot up following KPG's guide, cause I was migrating from x99 to x299 with Catalina. I have look through the site and all other Asus X299 with an 18 cores just not able to boot for me, till I used you EFI.... Now I'm trying to...
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    Asus X299 - Catalina Support

    Bios 1503. Is the CSM disabled in the MB bios? By the way, after it reboot, you have to boot into where you install the macOS from the clover page, or it will boot up from the USB again....
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    Asus X299 - Catalina Support

    I have the same MB and CPU(X299,7980xe currently building) as you. I created a USB installation flash drive using your EFI. Everything went fine with a fresh installation of 10.15.3. The only thing I have different from yours is the Graphic card, I have a Radeon VII on it. So I'm guessing it is...
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    Asus X299 - Catalina Support

    Hi All, wonder if any kind soul can give me the advise... I'm current on X99 with an E5-2696v4. I'm thinking of upgrading to x299, but wish to know if it will still need the xcpm kernel patches to boot on catalina. as of now, I have to always update the kernel patches to be able to boot on an...
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    Asus X99 - Catalina Support

    anyone updated to 10.15.3 yet....?
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    macOS 10.15.2 Update

    Thank you!! it works well.
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    macOS 10.15.1 Update

    On my X99/E5-2696v4 system, updated Lilu and WEG kext to latest were all it needs.
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    Successful Installation Procedures for Catalina for X99

    I used them base on KGP's built. Using them get my system to perform with the best Geekbench scores, not sure if other setup are the same...