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    macOS 10.15 Catalina is Now Available on the Mac App Store

    No Issues here either. Update was flawless.
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    [SOLVED] sleep=shutdown

    I've done the same and the issue went away. thanks!
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    Gigabyte H61N-USB3 - El Capitan SUCCESS!!

    having the same issue, can not boot usb installer for High Sierra. Any luck?
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    GA-Z68X-UD5-B3 10.6.8 From Scratch

    Thank you for the 411, I'm up and running. (& on to Lion)
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    Having some trouble with the same build. I keep getting the Voodoo Kernel panic. Could not start with iBoot (3.2) It just locks up so I used I boot legacy because, well it worked or so I thought. Any suggestions? Same MB. Same RAM, same processor. ASUS DVD-RW kevin K Haz