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    GA-B250M-DS3H - Ventura

    I got it to work, but does someone know how to fix the graphics, i think the gf710 does not work on ventura, i used Geforce-Kepler-patcher-V5 for monterey, i tried the intel 630 but when i enable it in bios i crash on loading. anyone knows what settings in bios to help or in opencore 0.8.5 to...
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    macOS Built-in Speed Test: Post your Network Speed

    Upload capacity: 64.131 Mbps Download capacity: 322.458 Mbps Upload flows: 20 Download flows: 12 Responsiveness: Medium (603 RPM) Base RTT: 1 Start: 4/11/22, 11:19:57 PM End: 4/11/22, 11:20:13 PM OS Version: Version 12.0.1 (Build 21A559)
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    Monterey with NVIDIA graphic cards (Kepler series) support thread

    I got macOS Monterey working on a GA-B250M-DS3H with NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 1023 MB and used Geforce-Kepler-patcher and i seems to work.
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    GA-B250M-DS3H - macOS Monterey

    I got it to work, but does someone know how to fix about this mac no mac version or serial number
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    GA-B250M-DS3H - macOS Monterey

    Has anyone got macOS Monterey working on a GA-B250M-DS3H, is it enough to update OC and kexts to the latest version?
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    [Success]GA-B250M-DS3H Big Sur installation

    I tried but no luck, from what I found is that it thinks it’s a display port when actually it a hdmi or dvi port. I tried a few things I found on this site to to luck so I went back to the get 710 1 gb which works perfectly
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    Unable to disable discrete GPU and boot Big Sur

    did you try removing that card and boot
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    External drives not shown as USB on desktop

    my usb shows up as ext. hds on desktop, not sure why yours dont
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    Big Sur unstable -- no SATA after a few hours.

    i had a similar problem with big sur and it was the m2 disk some unbranded one, got a gigabyte 256GB and its been on for a few weeks and no problem, not what disk you have installed, but the catalina install would work with the unbranded m2
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    Post macOS/OS X Geekbench Benchmarks

    Big Sur i5-7400 b250m-ds3h gt710 1gb 40gb ram 2400mhz not so fast but ok for me
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    Gt 710 (kepler) not working OOB with Big Sur (but did with Catalina)?

    im using ga GT 710 1 gb ddr3 card with open core 0.6.4 working 100% with no boot arg
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    [Success]GA-B250M-DS3H Big Sur installation

    FYI, im also running the latest catalina on separate SSD and it seems to a little faster than Big Sur, booting and loading apps.
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    update 11.0.1 to 11.1 opencore

    I replaced the 3 files and updated all Kexts - up date went smooth and all working