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    Z490 & Z590

    Hello community, Z590 is arriving on January with PCIe 4.0 & new 11th generation CPUs. As apple are moving to it's own CPUs, do you think Z490 will be the last supported chipset for hackintosh builds?
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    Problem Lenovo Legion Y920

    Do you have a working plist for Y920 you can share?
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    [Guide] Lenovo Legion Y520/Y720 using Clover UEFI

    Hello Smart people! I have a Lenovo Y920 which contains Nvidia only [No optimus (no intel GFX) on this device] Can anyone help me out changing the attached installation plist so it would be able to support Nvidia & also to remove all intel gfx related stuff as well?
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    macOS 10.13.4 Security Update

    My system is hanging during installation of the update even if FakeSMC is in the kexts/other folder. Any advice?
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    Sierra and BlackMagic Decklink

    NO clue people? :(
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    Sierra and BlackMagic Decklink

    I'm rolling an onscreen timecode on a seperate computer screen then pointing an SDI video camera at that screen and feeding the deckling on the second computer screen. As they roll side by side I'm taking a picture with a stills cam and see the difference in the timecode.
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    Sierra and BlackMagic Decklink

    Hello wizards! I have a very stable Hackintosh (Asus P8 H77-M PRO) with a Win10 & Sierra Dual-Boot. I installed a BlackMagic Design Decklink Card for professional Use. I have checked the SDI Input latency on both Win10 & Sierra. Windows gets about 3 frames delay while sierra gets about 5 frames...
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    CLEVO P750DM Internal screen problem

    Fantastic! You are a genious! :) Thank you so much!
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    CLEVO P750DM Internal screen problem

    Thank you so much for your answer lopol, I'm using an imac 17.1 id. Can you explain where can I find the AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy?
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    CLEVO P750DM Internal screen problem

    mrbibel, here is my fully working efi with 10.11.4
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    CLEVO P750DM Internal screen problem

    Hi loppol! Thank you very much! You have solved my black screen issue!! :clap: The only problem is it is working until 10.11.4 10.11.5/10.11.6 The black screen issue is back with no option to change even with the cache reset. If you ever find a solution for that I woul appreciate if you share...
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    CLEVO P750DM Internal screen problem

    Thanks to discipline: As discussed in IRC, for those with the same laptop and with the same problem, a work around is: Boot with nv_disable=1 Openn terminal and do: sudo kextcache -system-prelinked-kernel sudo kextcache -system-caches Then reboot with nvda_drv=1 I'm not sure what...
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    [solved] Not booting: Clevo P750DM-G Skylake i7-6700K / Intel Z170 - nvidia 980M 4K display

    I have opened a new thread based on your experience, Hope you can help:
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    CLEVO P750DM Internal screen problem

    Hi all! I have installed El capitan 10.11.2 Over my New Clevo P750DM with a single discrete Nvidia 980m (No integrated GPU available on this system) I have followed all the instruction carefully from this post...