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    {SOLVED} - Z77X-UD5H - Big Sur - OpenCore 0.6.3

    are you fellow z77 board folks getting wrong CPU shown in about this mac as well as a lot of console spam from window server saying 'clearing datagram' ? open console, error and faults / stream. I'm showing nonstop console spam that's causing a lot of GUI lag.
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    z77x-ud5h; opencore windowserver CPU usage high / choppy GUI

    just switched over from 10.5 / Clover, figured it was time for OpenCore transition, made installer, got config working, restored from backup onto Big Sur, I have full functionality but I'm getting quite a bit of windowserver process spam coinciding with high CPU usage. After a few days of...
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    Can't Get Ethernet Working on z77-DS3H + GTX680 After Big Sur Installation

    what software is this editor? got a link to it?
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    {SOLVED} - Z77X-UD5H - Big Sur - OpenCore 0.6.3

    i'm z77x-ud5h with 3770k and rx580 also, would you mind posting the EFI for yours / ours ?
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    macOS 10.15 Catalina is Now Available on the Mac App Store

    Would you mind sharing your config -serials, whole Clover folder if you don't mind? I have the same setup, few nagging things I've been lazy about fixing the last few updates.
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    (success) - Z77X-UD5H 3570K - GTX 960 - SSD

    are you fully functional now?
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    (success) - Z77X-UD5H 3570K - GTX 960 - SSD

    I do dual boot into Windows but my settings should be completely fine for just OS X, the EFI folder goes into your EFI partition EFI folder, so mount that and replace what's there, the EFI backups folder is generated when you install a new version of clover, it backs up for you in case you need...
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    (success) - Z77X-UD5H 3570K - GTX 960 - SSD

    is your drive set to AHCI?
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    (success) - Z77X-UD5H 3570K - GTX 960 - SSD

    the SSDT hot patches are taken from various sources, the only one I created myself was the SSDT for the CPU, bios settings should be the standard recommendations for this board other than I have iGPU turned on and enabled for proper hardware decoding / Netflix in safari / iTunes playback. Just...
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    (success) - Z77X-UD5H 3570K - GTX 960 - SSD

    I saw you messaged me (elsewhere) for a config, and now I'm seeing this, did you get this going? Currently I am using z77x-ud5h 3770k with Nvidia 960 with iGPU enabled, latest bios, and I'm using all SSDT hot patches without a DSDT. Hardware decoding is working, my handoff / WiFi working...
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    Internal drives not showing in Sierra installer

    Mobo: GA97-D3H CPU: Intel Core i5 4460 Clover r3726 Samsung 850 EVO SSD Created usb installer from createinstallmedia Installed CloverUEFI aptiofix2 selected There's currently a gtx960 attached though I've tried without it (IGPU and gtx660), There's guides on the forums for this board...
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    Internal drives not showing in Sierra installer

    What was the solution? Same exact problem here.
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    [SUCCESS] GA-Z97M-D3H - i5 4690 - HD4600

    I've been trying to get this board going for a friend for 3 days now. Despite everyones testimony of success I can't get it going. The OS X installer simply will not see any HD I put in it. Tried SSD's, Mechanical drives, swapped out SATA cables, nothing. Bios version is F7. OS X installer shows...
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    OS X 10.11.4 Update

    So to those trying to solve their broken HDMI audio, I checked my logs to look at kexts loading and was noticing the vanilla / unpatched applehda.kext that came with 10.11.4 wasn't loading, giving a permissions error. I reset permissions on s/l/e and rebooted, same thing, then I tried manually...