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    hd600 it would be possible?

    Hello, it would be possible to run the intel hd 600 with the following method thx
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    Touch Screen I2C ( ELAN3912 )

    Hi, I'm going to do an installation and I wanted to ask for help installing the voodooi2c driver. I have tried without existing to install it with other methods. I think it won't work, since you need to patch dsdt. My team is pressed x5 pro. Touch Screen I2C ( ELAN3912 ). If anyone knows...
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    [Guide] Cube Mix Plus - Mojave 10.14

    @AldoTar I have the teclast x5 pro. the hardware is very similar. could you tell me the bios configuration for the touch screen. I need to know what controls the i2c in the bios. Thank you
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    sound card 32 bits

    Hello, I wanted to ask, if there would be a sound card with 32bit, compatible with hackintosh. Thank you