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    Sandy Bridge and Catalina

    Sweet. Ordered.
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    Sandy Bridge and Catalina

    So after bouncing around to a few different devices including an old Mac Pro and Mac Mini, its time to upgrade/replace my custom. Currently it is a i5-2400 on a GA-H67-UD3 and a GeForce 210. It is still running Sierra (upgrade to HS never worked even though it should have and I had other...
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    OS X 10.9.1 Update

    Question. When reinstalling the audio drive, if during install, I did a dsdt (with the driver w/dsdt), when reinstalling after point update, do I need to do the dsdt and audio driver again, or driver w/o dsdt only? I swear I did driver w/o dsdt once and it blew things up.
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    Show Changes on CustoMac Buyers Guide

    Here's a pretty easy suggestion. If there are any changes to the CustoMac Buyer's guide month to month, highlight those changes. Would just be nice for those of us whom look for little changes to our wishlists.
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    OS X 10.8.5 Supplemental Update 1.0

    Hrmm. Problems for me. Rebooted fine after update. Reapplied DSDT and ALC 889. Now hangs right after the sanboxing and PCI loading part (as keyboard and mouse come on). Single user, safe and verbose all did nothing. h67ma-ud2h-b3. Guess one thing I'm not 100% clear on is, for an update like...
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    Vagaries and Oddness

    Was the SSDT. Still some oddness at first (ssdt did initially make things wonkier). But after applying everything, fully functional. Did have to delete the network connections plist to get icloud and app store working.
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    Vagaries and Oddness

    Good Afternoon, just a few quick questions since I seem to be having a little difficulty. I'm using an i5-2400 and a gigabyte H67MA-UD2H-B3. Unibeast works fine, installs find and boots into the install fine. Out of box everything except audio seems to work (not counting USB3 and iCloud)...
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    Quiet Cooler, no bracket?

    Re: Quiet Cooler, but small. I really don't want a large heat sink (it sounds like many of those often have issues with impeding on ram slots and I do use all four). So I'll revise my question to a small quiet cpu cooler (on par with the size of the stock ones), brackets fine.
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    Quiet Cooler, no bracket?

    You know how most aftermarket CPU coolers have the extra stabilization bracket that goes along the underside of your motherboard? I'd like something that doesn't require that, but is still quieter than the stock Intel cooler. I'm planning on upgrading to a 3770 this summer and figure it might...
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    Quiet Cooler, no bracket?

    1155. Sorry :mrgreen:
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    Quiet Cooler, no bracket?

    Anyone have any suggestions for a quiet cooler that doesn't require a bracket to be installed?
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    I'm considering building a rack mount system to be my "always on" system. I'm wondering if anyone has put anything like this together using Sandy Bridge hardware, and if so, what hardware worked best? I'd be looking for something quiet with the maximum number of SATA ports. If all of the port...
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    How To: Build your own "Real" Airport Card

    Couple questions. Having weird problems. Got the pci-e to mini adapter, along with the card. First Q. Does it matter what antenna attaches to which terminal? And the follow up up, what antenna orientation should be used? all straight up, fanned, etc? I was running into problems with the...
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    ASUS GeForce EN 210 Silent 1 GB Dual Displays