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    The everything works Asus Z390-I Gaming * i7-8700K * SAPPHIRE NITRO+ Radeon RX Vega 64 Build

    I just tested with your EFI folder in my build (using iGPU) and it's working perfectly! Thanks!
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    HELP!!! Kernel Panic after installing macOS Catalina (Mojave Backup boots normally)

    @originalmagneto I'm trying to update to Catalina 10.15.1 (from Mojave) but I always get stuck at this KP, how did you fix it?
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    War Tower: Asus Z390-I ROG Strix | i9-9900K | RX 5700 XT

    Are you using Catalina or Mojave?
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    HELP!!! Kernel Panic after installing macOS Catalina (Mojave Backup boots normally)

    Thanks for the answer @zeebeedee, but unfortunately I can't remove it with MacDrive, I can only read the disk but not modifying it. I'm not sure why.
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    HELP!!! Kernel Panic after installing macOS Catalina (Mojave Backup boots normally)

    Is it possible to remove these kexts without being able to boot the system? I want to test removing them but I'm not able to do it since I can't boot...
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    No Audio Devices - AppleHDA Realtek Audio

    Thanks @toleda! Even though I followed the guide carefully I did something wrong at first. Now it's working like a charm after following your advice. At first, it was not working, but after booting with HDMI (instead of DP) it started working. Now I'm using DP and it's working perfectly.
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    MacMan's Build: ASUS TUF Z390-PRO GAMING - i9-9900K - Vega 64 - Updated for 10.14.6 and NVRAM Support

    I'm using iGPU in the hackintosh and 1080 in Windows, so that's not a problem. My motherboard is Asus Maximus XI Hero (WiFi) but I assume that whatever motherboard in the shopping guide will support this. In my case I have some problems with the HDMI connector so I'm using it through the DP one.
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    No Audio Devices - AppleHDA Realtek Audio

    Hi Toleda. I'm having some problems to get my audio output entries in settings. Description of audio problem No audio devices on System Preferences. (Only DisplayPort) macOS version/motherboard model/BIOS version/processor/graphics macOS version 10.14.4 Asus Z390 Maximus XI Hero Wifi i9...
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    Graphics glitches in clover bootloader

    I just updated to Mojave from High Sierra. As part of this update, I'm using the IGPU (HD4000) as primary. I got it working by using DisplayPort, but wasn't able with HDMI. Using DP is not a problem for me, however, when I'm unable to see the clover bootloader, the entire UI is broken. If I boot...
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    High Sierra no internet connection (BCM57881)

    Just in case someone gots to this thread searching for a solution. Here is the fix:
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    FakePCIID: Broadcom BCM57XX network OOB

    It works!!!! Thanks
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    [Solved] Boot drive is gone???

    I was getting crazy, I tested this several times and a lot of things, and now I think that I found the problem. Maybe this could help,, I'm going to test it in some hours. However it's weird, I was using clover already with...
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    Asrock Z87 Pro3 High Sierra 10.13.4 Working install

    Can you explain how to fix UEFI?
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    [Solved] Boot drive is gone???

    Sadly it doesn't work. After replacing EFI folder with the one in the USB I can't boot to SSD clover. I tested also removing EFI folder and installing clover via Multibeast newly and it doesn't work.
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    "End randomseed" reboot

    Yes, one that's directly on the motherboard