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    [SUCCESS] macOS Sierra GA X58A-UD3R REV2.0-FB i7-950 RADEON HD6670

    Excellent thanks for the write-up! I have the same board as you and I'm working through the same black screen issue right now. Are you using a DSDT.aml or is everything in your clover config.plist? When you set "Inject ATI" did you have to select a frame buffer and/or an ATI hex code fake ID...
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    Unable to boot macOS installer from Clover USB (Unibeast mojave)

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to update an OG build running the ancient 10.6.8 to the much newer mojave. I've unplugged my old hard drive, installed a new metal capable graphics card in place of my old NVIDIA 9600 GT (ATI Radeon RX 570) and a new unformatted SSD. CPU: Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz...