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    I have an error report

    hello guys i have an error when i try to start my yosemite i've installed it with chimera bootloader this but when i run it with the flag :" -x " "safe mode" i starts normally but without the safe mode it show me this report:
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    I have a problems with clover

    Yes, and i read it carefully 2 times
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    I have a problems with clover

    Hello guys I have a problems with clover "OS X Yosemite 10.10.2" The first problem: The sound is not working i have tried to edit the configuration file, Devices> Audio, i choose "Detect" and restarted the computer and still the same, My audio codec is Realtek ALC887 so i typed 887 in the same...
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    I have a few questions about clover

    Hello guys I've seen this post [/B][/SIZE][SIZE=4][B] I've tried it, and I have 3 questions about "Clover" #1) How to install "clover" bootloader on the hard drive to make it boot without an...
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    How To Install OS X Yosemite Using Clover

    Thank you :*
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    Hay guys i have a poblem

    Thank you, but i don't the installation disk what can i do
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    Hay guys i have a poblem

    I was having the "Boot0 error" poblem so i seen this post then i did the sulotion 1, i have 2 hard drives windows and yosemite, but unintentionally i did it on the windows hard drive "dd if=/usr/standalone/i386/boot1h of=/dev/disk0s2"...
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    I have a problem with chimera

    Hi i have a problem with chimera, i installed it then i restarted the yosemite after that i choose the hard drive where i'm installed the yosemite, then the computer stops on a black screen written on it: boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0: test boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0...
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    Hay guys please help me find my drivers

    Hello guys i have installed os x yosemite on my custom pc hard drive, so i opened the multibeast i choosed the DSDT free, but the problem is i don't know what drivers should i install, my pc specs: Gigabyte GA-P85-D3 1150, built in graphics card 1GB, Intel core i5 3.20 GHz,,, please help me guys...
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    There is no dsdt database for gigabyte ga-p85-d3 b85 socket 1150!!

    Hello this is the first time i try to install the hackintosh on my pc, but i didn't find the DSDT datebase for my motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P85-D3 B85 1150, so please please please!!!!!!!! help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!