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    [Guide] How to keep Clover working when installing Windows and Linux

    You might want to try disabling the fast startup feature in the control panel as described in this post. Go to Start - Windows System - Control Panel - Power Options and click the link "Choose what the power buttons do" and uncheck "Turn on fast startup (recommend)". You might need to click...
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    [Guide] How to keep Clover working when installing Windows and Linux

    They found a resolution to this issue elsewhere as indicated by their history. In any event it was an issue starting macOS and not Clover so it was outside the scope of this guide.
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    [Guide] How to keep Clover working when installing Windows and Linux

    To remove an entry use "rm" in the command without the path and display name. Just be careful to remove the correct entry and you should be fine. Do a "bcfg boot dump" to inspect the option list first.
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    [Guide] How to keep Clover working when installing Windows and Linux

    You should be fine to revert to the original name. Try and see how it goes.
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    remove clover pre boot pause, debug=false is set, slow boot

    Other than the usual debug issue, the UEFI audio driver slows the Clover startup process substantially. If you don't want a startup sound remove the audio driver from drivers\UEFI and restart to check the startup time.
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    Weird double Clover boot menus

    If you're sure the system is legacy-BIOS only then UEFI booting is irrelevant and something else is happening. Is this the one in your profile (GA-Z68X-UD5-B3)? What firmware is shown in Clover's "About" section on both screens? Also, does pressing the Escape key at the first Clover screen bring...
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    Weird double Clover boot menus

    Sounds like exactly the issue mentioned by @phuppert above. Clover is almost certainly installed in both boot modes. The empty menu is probably because one instance isn't properly configured. Clover should only be installed as UEFI or Legacy on an internal disk not both at the same time for the...
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    Long boot times

    Yes, that's what you want. Look for the section relevant to your processor and graphics configuration. If that needs corrected and improves performance further try re-enabling TRIM and see how it goes. At least on my desktop the APFS/TRIM issue became much less noticable at that point.
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    Long boot times

    If TRIM is enabled with APFS it might be causing the delay, check and see. Check if you have CPU power management enabled properly for your model of processor. See the appropriate guides. I noticed a substantial improvement in startup time when doing that after I originally setup my desktop...
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    [Guide] How to keep Clover working when installing Windows and Linux

    No, this is for UEFI booting only.
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    Two Windows entries in Clover

    Looks like you have legacy scanning enabled. Have a look at my posts here about disabling it unless you really need it.
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    Help needed- Multi boot windows and mojave same SSD

    Try following my guide in this forum. It's intended for exactly this issue. Only mess with the contents of the EFI partition if you can't keep Clover functioning any other way.
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    Clover Reset PRAM?

    Depends on whether you're using emulated or native NVRAM. If using native there is no file and F11 clears the physical memory of Apple and Clover settings/variables. If you're using Clover emulated it should be saved as an nvram.plist file at the root of the EFI partition (if I remember...
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    Upgrade multiboot Macos to Catalina with Clover

    On the Clover menu, select the Catalina install option, hit the space bar and choose verbose mode. Boot and see where the loading process stops.
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    [Solved]Help!! This noob ****ed up. Accidentally loaded Clover on to my legit iMac

    I'd suggest press 'Option' when booting the iMac and try to start your macOS drive directly if you haven't already. If that works then mount the EFI partition and delete Clover.