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    Site blocked

    My connection via Comcast is open again.
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    Site blocked

    This is the best solution to your issue? Seems like the easiest, I must say.
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    Site blocked

    I'm wondering if you guys need to reconsider what you're doing. This site is blocked for me when trying to reach it via Comcast in Baltimore. However, when I go through a VPN service (which you'd think would be the dodgier of the two) I'm able to access.
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    Search not working

    Any kind of search of this site and I get: Forbidden You don't have permission to access this resource. Anyone know what's going on?
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    Apple Music, Lossless, Spatial Audio and DRM

    You're seeing the lossless symbol in the now playing area (or whatever it's called)? What graphics card?
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    Apple Music, Lossless, Spatial Audio and DRM

    Is Lossless and/or Spatial Audio working for anyone? My rig is running Big Sur with the onboard, Intel 4600 graphics so I'm pretty sure the DRM limitations that result from that are preventing either from working. Would any Big Sur compatible graphics card be able to utilize these new...
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    Official List of Apple Macs that can run macOS Monterey

    The cut line seems to be anything prior to Broadwell so it seems to me that Haswell users (like me) wouldn't be able to upgrade to Monterrey.
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    macOS 11.4 Update

    First attempt…over 35 minutes and stuck on shutdown. Second attempt…success after 40 minutes.
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    BIOS hangs with certain hard drive connected.

    Your response gels with other info I've culled since posting. I've ordered a replacement. Thanks!
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    BIOS hangs with certain hard drive connected.

    My Mojave build has been working fine but suddenly the computer freezes on the BIOS splash screen now when a particular one of the (previously OK) hard drives is connected to any SATA port. Yesterday, I connected it via USB and it mounted fine. I ran Disk Utility on both partitions and then...
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    Gigabyte Integrated Graphics

    Thanks. I figured the VGA wouldn't work. The MB specs also mention a D-Sub adapter won't work on the DVI. If I do this I'll test a DisplayPort to VGA for my second monitor since I'd hate to just throw the monitor away. I probably won't get around to a full move until the next macOS version...
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    Gigabyte Integrated Graphics

    I've got a solid Mojave build but for certain software I'm thinking I'll need to move to Big Sur or beyond for particular software compatibility. My NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti will have to be abandoned. I'll get a new graphics card if I have to but I'm wondering about the abilities of the...
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    Security Update 2021-001 Catalina, Security Update 2021-001 Mojave

    Updated via System Preferences. 3 restarts, I think. Clover 5117. Mojave. Seems OK. I don't use system audio.
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    Multi-Bay USB Hard Drive Enclosures

    Does anyone have any good real-world read/write speeds, as well as general performance obwervations, for any 4 or 5-bay USB hard drive enclosure? I'm currently rocking along fine with my 2014 build on Mojave but I'm thinking about the future…which is starting to look like an Apple silicon mini...
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    Security Update 2020-005 (High Sierra) & (Mojave)

    People at the Macrumors forum are complaining about slowdowns and higher RAM usage.