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    HP Elitebook 8760W Laptop Model Thread

    I decided to try hacking a 8760w again. This time with Yosemite. I had similar experiences as the OP. Specs on my 8760w: 2,2ghz quad I7 (sandy) 4x8GB 1333 ram ATI 1gb fireport video 1920x1080 17.2" display 1 256GB SSD 1 500GB HDD The rest of the hardware match the OP's. i will mention that I...
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    Elitebook 8460p and Mountain Lion

    I have only seen the 8460p with 320GB+ drives... No if you go that far, you don't need to do the 4K fix. sorry for the confusion there.. I'll try and post a bit more info tomorrow if i can..
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    Elitebook 8460p and Mountain Lion

    Turn off VT and VT-d in the bios. also turn off wake on lan and wake from USB. I have both I5 and I7 models hi res and low res screens. I am typing this from an I5 low-res. We use HP's and Lenovo's at work. I tend to try and hack all the models we have. (if i can only get the 8760w with the...
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    Elitebook 8460p and Mountain Lion

    I can confirm, The EliteBook 8460p (with no discrete GPU) is very solid with the latest ProBook installer (6.1.13r3) and Mountain Lion. Mavericks is still.. mehh. i use them for audio production so i'll be on ML for a while due to 3rd party bugs. You have to make sure you build it as an 8x60...
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    Snow leopard Hackintosh Help Please !!!

    Try switching your Sata ports to ACHI in the Bios. Use the main SATA controller ports, not the JMicron ones..
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    Advice on sound card for first build?

    If you want to go USB. this card works natively in OS x (windows needs a driver) and has pretty good input/output for usb. As far as a PCIe card, I do not know. I have been using the onboard when I'm not using my...
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    Hackintosh Mini Build: Core i7-3770T - Intel DH77DF - 16GB RAM - HD4000 & HD5450

    Beautiful build!! Two thumbs up for sexyness..:thumbup::thumbup:
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    Apple Posts iTunes 11 Redesign Details and Screenshots

    This just reminds me of how money hungry Apple is. This update feels really aimed to make sure buy all your music and video music from us (apple) so that we can mange it all for you because you (the consumer) is to stupid to manage it. to reinforce buy our phones and ipods and we'll migrate it...
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    Motherboard Hardware RAID

    In general, motherboard raid ports are not hardware raid. (Yes i know some of the expensive high-end server boards do have things like LSI SAS raid cards. He is asking about a consumer mobo by the specs.) The onboard "raid" is nothing but an enhanced hardware assisted "software raid" that...
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    DUAL 2.5 12 CORE - MOBO-GFX-CPU COMPATIBILITY- On the right track?

    I do see a hardware issue. the Mobo only has PCIe 8x slots with a solid slot. without modification to the slot (or a riser/extender), that video card will not plug into that board. I think the tyan boards have open back slots to fit 16x cards into the 8x slots. also, some SM boards have 16x...
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    OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 Beta has AMD Radeon 7XXX drivers

    Maybe Apple is getting ready to do another silent mini update to the current lineup of Mac Pros. Replace those older long in the tooth 5xxx cards with 7xxx cards. Who knows.. They might be running low on those old 5xxx cards they have now or AMD is saying they rather supply apple with the 7xxx...
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    Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard DVD Available Again Online for $19.99

    @ DAJJAL I am glad you asked!!! I just opened the box from Apple that has been sitting collecting dust to verify.. You are correct! It is 10.6.3! I went by what the "Genius" on the phone told me: "It is version 10.6.8. That it is fully updated to the latest version with the "app store" ready...
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    Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard DVD Available Again Online for $19.99

    Good news. Just a quick FYI, These are Version 10.6.8 (EDIT: Correction.. After Physically verifying the disks I received, it is indeed 10.6.3. The "Genius" on the phone misinformed me.. see follow-up post) It was still available from Apple if you called Apple and placed a phone order. I...
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    CBorg's "IvyBrick" Build: Intel i7-3770 - ASRock H77M-ITX - Mountain Lion 10.8.1

    I am half trying. I have a couple of G5 and Mac Pro case mods going on side by side.. I'm not really doing anything that has not been done before. Run Multibeast again; under customizations, Change your system definition to "Mac Mini" (5.1) and it should allow you to log into the apple sites...
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    CBorg's "IvyBrick" Build: Intel i7-3770 - ASRock H77M-ITX - Mountain Lion 10.8.1

    Interesting. I have my bios graphics set to 64mb and needed no strings and it works just fine. I believe the string edits are now obsolete with latest multibeast. my early 10.8.0 builds needed some tweaks Regardless of that anomaly, I am glad it is working for you. now make a time machine or...