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    Success | ASUS ProArt z490, 10700k, Radeon VII - MacPro Case Mod

    Hi, would you guys be willing to share your EFI folder?
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    Thunderbolt 3 Modified Firmware Custom SSDT Discussion

    Have you figured out how to get usb working on this card with the vision D motherboard?
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    Hack don't wake up when the TB3 device is connected

    try to enable thunderbolt boot in bios
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    NUC8i3BEH 4k resolution does not work in Catalina

    did you figure this out? I git the same problem. Any help appreciated!
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    AMD Radeon Performance Enhanced SSDT

    It worked for me and on my sapphire nitro+ 5700XT I got 76900 metal score in GB 5. Remember to delete the RadeonBoost Kext if you had it installed. Thank you!
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    Enabling AMD RX 4XX cards in Sierra.

    do you know if there is any difference in performance in FCPX using two cards?
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    Enabling AMD RX 4XX cards in Sierra.

    Hi Gigamaxx, have you tried two RX 480 cards at the same time? In my skylake system I can boot with one card and it works fine. I was trying with two identical cards but I get black screen at the end of the boot..
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    Enabling AMD RX 4XX cards in Sierra.

    Thank you I got the XFX RX 480 8GB from BestBuy working, FCPX works well! I replaced 67EO1002 in info.plist from AMDRadeon4100.kext with 67DF1002. I also followed another post on changing things in config.plist...
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    Enabling AMD RX 4XX cards in Sierra.

    Were you able to get the XFX RX 480 working? If so how did you do it?
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    Yosemite Fully Working Installation Guide (ALC892 Audio Working) GA-X79-UP4 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760

    Thanks a lot! Using your guide I got my system working. GA-Z97M-D3H i7-4790 intel HD with QE/CI