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    Successful update with Clover 5126

    OK, just got the EFI folder contents PRIOR to doing the upgrade from a drive I moved into a Windows 10 machine... oh boy that was a process. So now I at least have the original EFI contents. Seeing if I can now get that into the USB drive and maybe boot off this darn SSD to get back to working...
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    Successful update with Clover 5126

    I wish I could. I cannot get to the folders in the EFI mount on that disk at all so far.
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    Successful update with Clover 5126

    Not sure if I can install a completely new OS and clover just to get back in? Other drives are all APFS and I cannot access any of my data. Freaking me out
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    Successful update with Clover 5126

    No (clearly). Haha. Sorry. Never goofed up an update like this before. Trying to strategize how to get back in. can I spin up a new USB drive with clover to get access to my drives and replace the files? Was on clover 5118 on Catalina. Completely stuck at the moment. No direction to go. Help?
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    Successful update with Clover 5126

    I dont know why... i thought it was required to update clover too. Boy was I wrong. Now I cannot boot to my SSD after updating Clover... and I cant boot to my backup OS drive either. Get the same message. Trying to figure out another way to fix this so I can boot to my backup drive... restore my...
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    Successful update with Clover 5126

    So which kext are required to update? assuming standard ones, but thought I would ask since you already have this working. WhateverGreen, AppleALC and Lilu? Updating Clover now. Thanks in advance!
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    Can't Update Clover to Install the 10.15.5 Update

    Still cannot update Clover (on 4945) running 10.15.3. Open Clover Configurator, mount EFI on boot disk, then go to install/update clover (image). Then I click the "update" button (package option). After entering my password I get this error message "Cannot install without ensuring file system...
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    macOS 10.15.3 Update

    Pretty simple as well. Updated Lilu, AppleALC and Whatevergreen. Downloaded update from App Store. 3rd reboot and back! No issues. Can't THANK YOU all enough for the continued support. Great stuff everyone!
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    macOS 10.15.2 Update

    Updated kext files, and USB patch in Clover (was on 10.14.6 Mojave). Downloaded from App Store. 3 restarts. Pretty easy. THANK YOU USB, audio, video, everything seems great.
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    No bluetooth wireless keyboard at boot up (Clover Menu)

    So I've been running a cheap Logitech wireless combo keyboard/mouse. Been working GREAT since building the hackintosh. Recently upgraded to Apple Magic wireless keyboard, IOGEAR bluetooth USB adapter and new Logitech MX Master 2S mouse. Expected this to be smooth, but anything but. Now on boot...
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    Apple wireless bluetooth keyboard not workin

    Hi all, been using my Hacintosh trouble-free for a few years (thanks to this site). Recently replaced the wired setup with new Apply wireless keyboard and Logitech MX Master 2 mouse. Mouse works great, came with little USB bluetooth module, but the keyboard won't connect, or work on boot...
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    macOS 10.14.5 Update

    Update to Clover v2.4 r4945 and ran update as normal. 2 reboots, clover picked the right mounts every time. Took about 17min.
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    [ROUGH GUIDE] Fix for Finder Preview not working on Mojave 10.14.1+

    Different Issue. I found the board ID just fine... but the entry I have in my config.plist doesn't look the same as the one you posted. This is the only entry with the matching board ID. Do I delete this entry? <key>Mac-BE088AF8C5EB4FA2</key> <dict> <key>jpeg</key>...
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    macOS 10.14.3 Update

    HaHa! I made that realization last year... Switched over to a Radeon RX 580, and now everything is super smooth with upgrades etc. If you can swing it, switch. So much better as a Hacintosh. Now that I said that, Apple will switch again (Newman!!) Joe
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    macOS Mojave is Now Available on the Mac App Store

    OK. Got it! I was struggling with how to update Clover Boot loader... but once that was done, it's gone pretty smoothly. 1) Backed up current boot drive (to spare SSD) 2) Upgraded to newest Clover (r4674) 3) Updated Lilu.kext and AppleALC.kext to newest version (EFI\CLOVER\KEXTS\OTHER) 4)...