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    macOS 10.14.6 Update

    Updated, some issues... While updating, after a couple of reboots it stayed on the installation boot saying installer data was missing. Rebooted and manually selected the Mojave boot and after a couple of trials it boots there, still running like that an a pain to boot each time. Once booted...
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    No Audio Devices - AppleHDA Realtek Audio

    Hi, new build here (9900KF, Z390, RX580) and I'm having some troubles with the audio. After the install integrated and HDMI audio worked fine, then some things happened (migrating from the old build I guess), onboard audio didn't, then 6 different HDMI and non of them working. Now I got...
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    No Sound - Realtek ALC AppleHDA [Guide]

    1-Description: I just installed a fresh El Capitan and got trouble with audio, it wasn't working on Mavericks but never tried to hard to solve it since I wasn't using onboard audio. I get to install the driver using CloverALC, audio is recognized but no sound signal from any output. I tried...
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    First Hack building

    In fact I did something like that, just stock cooler by now but I have my i7 4770k under clocked because I don't need much by now, when I can buy some nice cooler I will and take out the juice of it... GA Z87X UD4H i7 4770k 16GB kingston hiperX 128GB X110 sandisk 750GB 7200rpm barracuda seagate...
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    About to order. Will this work? Thankkkkyou!!!!

    2 things, you can't fit this graphics card anywhere, you should see if the case can fit it, the one you choose is about 40cm I think, and needs a really big case to fit in, you could get a GTX760 of around 24cm that will fit in your case, but not the same model "superclocked" Also the PS seems...
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    The Year Build

    I'm running a Z87X UD4H with a 4770k and a couple of kingston extreme without any issue, I'm using the stock cooler and the 4770K at the stupid speed of 3.4GHz without turbo boost, because is enough for me now, I bought the 4770K so when I need more from my build the only thing I need to get is...
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    Random keyboard + mouse freezes on Mavericks

    BUMP! Same here, just with mouse, with the logitech wireless K750 keyboard is working ok, the mouse works a couple of minutes and stop working a couple of minutes without doing nothing special, if I unplug the mouse and plug it again it works for a little while and again. The mouse remains...
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    Antivirus for Hackintosh?

    It's a one way ticket, it will be smooth and when it isn't if you have a CCC backup you will be running again in a couple of minutes from the backup drive and solve the problem really fast on the other. Just happen to me with some libraries for the HWMonitor (sensor) after I update to 10.9.2 and...
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    Keyboard not working after each boot up

    Well, I get a new keyboard (logitech K750) and I don't have the issue anymore, probably because it's self supplied and I turn it on/off each time. JS
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    Antivirus for Hackintosh?

    The first thing I did when I installed mavericks, but in my girl's macbook pro it will never be... (when I use it for some time I do it and then I came back, but tell her how it's done so she do it by herself when I forget... BIIG problem! :crazy: JS
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    Antivirus for Hackintosh?

    I've been using mac from some years now and never had a problem, I remember a pirate version of adobe pack (CS2, IIRC) that I read in a couple of site that has virus, (never installed it, of course) but I don't remember any other situation about it, and this only case came public fast and was...
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    Keyboard not working after each boot up

    I'm having a similar problem, for the ps2 there is a kext in the multi beast. Did you install that? My keyboard works fine in the front panel 2.0USB but won't work after each boot in the back panel connectors, actually I'm using it in the bottom usb, but I'll try in the upper right next to the...
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    OS X 10.9.2 Update

    Done, All ok so far, except audio solved here: Same problem for a couple of GA Z87X UD4H, solved in bios. JS
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    No audio in 10.9.2, Z87X-UD4H (Realtek ALC898)

    Same here, same MOBO, same problem, same solution, thanks!
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    Logic Pro x 10.0.6+FocusriteL56+Mavericks

    All working like a charm! I see no need for the startech because I have less latency here with ther PCI with the VT6306 than on my 2007 macbook with the focusrite, still in the macbook (I didn't test it with the new one) I have much more latency with the focusrite than with the m-audio, wired...