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    ASUS X99 Boards - Big Sur (Not Compatible) also, you might need the ssdt-rtc0 range patch from the OpenCore acpi samples
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    ASUS X99 Boards - Big Sur (Not Compatible)

    Thanks so much, I'm installing NOW!!!. I had written on the other board that I used another guy's dsdt that you patched, and it worked, crazy, but I wrote you a long double edited post. I'll get back to you later, after my install, and thank you from the bottom of my existence. I've been burned...
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    ASUS X99 Boards - Big Sur (Not Compatible)

    No luck, but thank you. Do you actually have BigSur running on x99? If so, then somehow there are some smarter x99 people that could take your efi and figure out how you are doing it or what we are doing wrong. I will certainly remember to give you props in the end of this. I'm on 10 weeks of...
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    ASUS X99 Boards - Big Sur (Not Compatible)

    @RemB I cannot get BigSur going on my x99. I can boot Catalina with OpenCore, but get a KP with BigSur. I have upped my efi, two posts back post and am going to upload my unpatched dsdt if you might be able to help me sort this out I would appreciate any info or help. Thank you Johnm
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    ASUS X99 Boards - Big Sur (Not Compatible)

    @mimixa I tried to use my OpenCore efi with iMac 15.1. I got the same KP as I had before when trying to boot BigSur installer. I could not find a iMac 15.2 smbios. I could boot to Catalina with iMac 15.1 smbios. I tried to look at your efi for help, but so far no luck. Do you have any ideas I...
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    ASUS X99 Boards - Big Sur (Not Compatible)

    Do you have BigSur installed on an Asus x99? If so can you share your efi, Thank you, John
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    ASUS X99 Boards - Big Sur (Not Compatible)

    X299 got help from the opencore folks, they added some ssdt, which we've already tried. x299 is a newer board, so that's probably why they got help and we didn't
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    ASUS X99 Boards - Big Sur (Not Compatible)

    I've tried for 9 weeks on my x99. I was hoping for Clover to upgrade ability to boot Big Sur, but as of now they are using opencore guts and have not succeeded yet. As for opencore, the creators, vit and d-fritz have addressed us x99ers by saying the don't have plans to help fix booting Big Sur...
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    Clover stuck on ++++++

    I don't know, I thought I might could help, but I can't at this point. My suggestion is search on web search for your model of laptop + hackintosh. Also look on youtube. The reason I thought I might help is I have a rig with the same cpu/gpu, but laptops throw a lot of variables that I can't...
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    x99 opencore

    Any with x99 boards use opencore? I'm trying to make a bootloader and am having trouble booting. If anyone has an x99 opencore efi I could look at, I'd appreciate it. Thanks johnm
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    Clover stuck on ++++++

    zip your efi and attach
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    Can't upgrade to 10.15.4 Stuck at: [EB]#LOG:EXITBS:START]

    I've been trying to upgrade from 10.15.3. I used in-place upgrade and a fresh usb 10.15.4 install and it's the same stuck error both ways. I've tried web searching, but not solutions. There were people struggling early april and they only needed an updated clover. I've tried that no go. I tried...
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    << Solved >> Catalina instalation stuck at apfs_module_start : 1683

    I was in the same boat and was bailed out using ssdt-ec.aml. I wanted to ask the people that helped me what exactly this patch did, but did not, as I am not that technical and figured I run across the answer at some point for this .aml file. I did ultimately find what I think is the answer in a...
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    [HELP] Installation successful but newbie mistake.

    Get Clover Configurator app., then mount your drive's EFI through Clover Configurator. Then find config.plist in mounted EFI and open with Clover Configurator. Then go to smbios tab and make changes. The fact that you have kept imessage, may go away when you get your new smbios, I don't use it...
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    Asus X99 - Catalina Support

    Honestly, no. I would ask but as long as it works I'll just wait to figure it out as I go. I still have some other different glitches and I'll let you know when I do find out. I try to save the important questions for when I really need help and try to figure out as much as I can by chance and...