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    Looking at buying new machine for Hackintosh

    I sent you a PM, but I'll just post it here if anyone else has the same question: If your motherboard supports it (even if it doesn't), I would definitely go with 1600 MHz RAM. Why? Here: 1) it can be automatically downgraded to 1333 MHz if your motherboard doesn't support it. 2) if your...
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    Laptop Fun - Dell Inspiron 1521

    Oh sorry, that update was on the desktop. I'm going to give up on the laptop until the basically "fully-supported" desktop works.
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    My Hackintosh build

    And me! Hope you had more luck than I did! :thumbup:
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    Looking at buying new machine for Hackintosh

    I don't know.. guess DDR2 didn't get cheap enough for end users until 2006. That means it only lasted 3 years.
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    Need feedback on the Intel Core i3 CPU

    Cool, thanks! Now I can add H55 to my list of suggestions for people on a tight budget! :thumbup:
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    Benchmarking Tools

    Alright, thanks anyways! I'm going to play with 3DMark once I'm done installing all the essentials.
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    Laptop Fun - Dell Inspiron 1521

    So... just did iBoot Supported - everything same, and now the only dif is that the install is a success. I still can't boot off the CD, which is really weird. I don't think it's a defective Sony Optiarc because it was able to install Windows 7. Nor is it a defective motherboard CD boot option...
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    Jimx86's Build Installation: Live Blog

    Yeah, got that plugged in. Who in their right mind would choose AC'97 over HD? :P Thanks for the info, though! BTW - isn't it really early where you are..
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    Jim's Suggested Builds

    Re: Suggested Builds for New Users Nope, OS X should work. The audio can be fixed with MultiBeast's ALC888b patch, but I'm not sure about the LAN. The reason I chose the G31 was because it was cheaper - hence the choice for the low end build. I also didn't want to give people too many options...
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    Video Editing System Hackintosh Build. Advice please!

    For a cheaper card, the 9800 GTX+ is the exact same thing as the GTS 250, but rebranded. EDIT: just checked, and this is a really good deal on a 250, you won't need 1GB RAM unless you're going to be gaming on dual monitors: ... 6814127495
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    Looking at buying new machine for Hackintosh

    Don't worry, I just recently came out of DDR RAM! I completely jumped DDR3 DDR2 in my desktop PCs.
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    Need opinion for a chosen system. Sugestion much appreciated

    And, just to add a bit more info, quickpath is just a new architecture by Intel. Architectures only make things a bit more efficient (sometimes worse, if the architecture design is off), but you don't necessarily feel a boost in speed unless the previous architecture (in your case, the one used...
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    My Hackintosh build

    Oh, that's true. I may try putting my DVD onto a USB and seeing what happens. Hopefully it speeds things up. Thanks for the info! The Windows 7 Installer is indeed faster on my non-Gigabyte laptop.
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    Intel Core i5 750 or Intel Core i7 860

    I agree with all that carbine says, and also - even if you don't plan on overclocking - when you're really loading programs and processes to your CPU the fan will get loud, whereas it's not nearly as noticeable with an aftermarket cooler.
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    Laptop Fun - Dell Inspiron 1521

    Hey, back after a full day of installation! There's some really good news, and really bad news. First of all, the AMD laptop got into install perfectly! I had full resolution (which was extremely surprising) and the wi-fi was indeed detected as airport. I installed, then got to the "install...