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    10.12.6 (or Clover update) won't complete boot

    Thanks! Not sure exactly what specific change made the difference, but it booted up and is up and running again now.
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    10.12.6 (or Clover update) won't complete boot

    I’m considering OpenCore. I gather from your statement that there was more to the clover update in 2019 that I missed. I’ll look to see if I can find a guide on those additional entries you mentioned.
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    10.12.6 (or Clover update) won't complete boot

    Sorry. It's in there now.
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    10.12.6 (or Clover update) won't complete boot

    My machine ran from roughly 2016 to October 2019 continuously with no problems. Then I upgraded from macOS 10.12.4 or something to 10.12.6 and also upgrade Clover and it stopped booting. I had upgraded 10.12 several times before and only needed to update my Nvidia web driver, and also upgraded...
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    Overclocking Gigabyte RX560 Gaming possible? And how to do it?

    I'm having a similar problem with my RX 580. It came out swinging, but seems to have slowed down by about 40% since my last reboot. Do you have a Windows computer that you can put this card into, or reboot this machine into Windows? I've heard that some Mac people and Linux users change...
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    AMD GPU clock and fan control

    I have an AMD RX580 and it started off working as expected for about two weeks. Then after a necessary reboot, the performance seems to have dropped by about 40%. Subsequent reboots haven't brought it back. Right now it's performing the same as my old R9 280X for the same tasks (I am using...
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    Black Screen, NVIDIA & AMD. Booting?

    My i7-5820k used to run with an NVIDIA GTX960 and an AMD R9 280X on macOS Sierra 10.12.6, up until I attempted to exchange the R9 280X with an AMD RX580. First I updated Clover to the latest version to meet the minimum Clover requirements in the AMD guide...
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    Black screen with nvidia web drivers!!

    I did that. And I also thought the purpose of these forums were to jump into conversations focusing on similar problems. That's what other mods have told me.
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    Black screen with nvidia web drivers!!

    I am having a similar problem. My computer boots black screen unless I use a specific monitor, an Acer P235H. Here's the weird part. It won't work on an older, lower resolution monitor (an Acer X191W) using HDMI-to-DVI (it lacks HDMI plugs). It boots black on my new Philips Momentum 326M...
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    Screen Goes Black During Use

    I searched the forums and there's a known issue with a black screen during boot, but that's not what's happening to mine. I have an i7-5820k with an NVIDIA GTX 960 and an ATI R9 280X running macOS Sierra. Both are computing OpenCL. Everything has run fine for months, but recently on rare...
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    macOS High Sierra is Now Available on the Mac App Store

    Read that High Sierra will (weekly?) check your EFI as a security precaution and compare against known good files. Is this a surprise to anyone? Is there potential Apple might use this to throw a wrench in non-Apple hardware?
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    PCIe x16 support

    My motherboard has 2 PCIe x16 slots and the rest are x8. I was running under the iMac 14,1 system definitions and now I am running under Mac Pro 6,1, but either way, it still only has one of my slots displayed as x16 and the other as x8. I apologize if this is the wrong forum for this...
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    Enable all cores R9 Fury cards

    I saw a lot of posts from a few years ago from developers bitterly griping about the Mac's OpenCL performance, but again, that was from a few years ago. Your comment about Luxmark benchmarks make me feel better about that though. It could also be that the project I am on wrote poorly optimized...
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    Enable all cores R9 Fury cards

    Awesome. Do you guys know if OpenCL works more efficiently under Windows 10 or Linux than it does under the Mac? Right now I am seeing some astounding results from someone allegedly using two R9 280 cards under Windows 10 vs my single R9 280X. It's literally unbelievable and makes me wonder...
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    Enable all cores R9 Fury cards

    Thanks for the heads up. Though I'm seeing some of the benchmark scores you guys are getting on OpenCL and am thinking of upping my card.