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    Leesureone's Gigabyte B550 Elite Ryzentosh

    Nice build. How do you like the Coolmaster?
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    Does i7 10700 processor compatible

    LGA 1200 Socket Motherboards... No problem with CPU.
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    Solved > I need HELP to build a catalina hackintosh

    NVMe is a solid state drive that plugs into an M.2 socket on newer motherboards. This makes performance faster than SATA based drives. There are also PCIe cards with an M2 socket that can allow use of an NVMe drive as an addition or for those who do not have M2. It is hard to recommend as...
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    Micro-ATX build MSI MAG-B460M-MORTAR+i5-10500+RX470 - Open Core | Catalina 10.15.5

    Nice build! Like the small form factor.
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    Building Hackintosh, with Series 400 Motherboards and 10th Gen Processor

    I used the Sapphire RX580 (about $200USD). It is a card recommended by Apple, so no issues as it is supported by Catalina and BigSur. I don't know of anyone having IGPU working on the Gaming X board.
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    Solved > Do the Samsung 970 EVO Plus drives work ? New Firmware Available 2B2QEXM7

    Just installed my 2nd NVMe Samsung 970 EVO+ 500GB... No problems with firmware. $99USD at MicroCenter.
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    TRIM not enabled Catalina 10.15.4

    No, I was just stating that it is another way to see that TRIM is working.
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    TRIM not enabled Catalina 10.15.4

    Thanks craighazan. When I rebooted, I rechecked the Get Info and the purgeable amount for the drive mentioned above was now 4.5MB. Good to know it works.
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    TRIM not enabled Catalina 10.15.4

    Just double checking... On Catalina 10.15.5, for M2 drives in the System Profiler it would be under NVMExpress right? I just installed a 2nd M2 drive and wanted to know, they both show as TRIM Support: yes. So Trim is already on? Confused because when I Get Info on one of those drives, under...
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    Inateck M.2 PCIe SSD Adapter for NVME SSDs

    That is a nice addition and the price is great.
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    OpenCore boot menu

    How dose one uninstall Intel Power Gadget? I don't see a provided uninstaller... is it OK to use AppDelete? Update: Never mind I found the uninstaller Applications/Intel Power Gadget/ folder. Thanks for the tip. Big Sur drive now shows proper name.
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    OpenCore Fails to Boot in 11.0 Recovery

    As a note here... I have updated my OpenCore from 0.6.0 to v0.6.1 and can now boot 11.0 Recovery without changing Jumpstart options.
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    OpenCore Fails to Boot in 11.0 Recovery

    Thank you... that pointed me in the right direction. I have it working now.
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    OpenCore Fails to Boot in 11.0 Recovery

    I have Big Sur PB installed on a spare drive and running OpenCore 0.6.0 (my build EFI from Dortania guide). I need to run the command line in Recovery... but OpenCore fails to boot in 11.0 recovery. It says "unsupported". Has anyone gotten around this? Thanks
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    MHQJRH NVMe Heatsink for M.2 slot.

    craighazan, thanks for the info. I can try one soon as I plan on adding a 2nd NVMe for Big Sur.