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    Soundflower/Remotix Asus Z390 Help

    Thank you for the reply, I really appreciate it. When you say not exactly supported, I believe you are trying to say that because AppleALC.kext overrides AppleHDA Soundflower isn't talking to a functional kext. Am I understanding that right? But then you said not the problem, so I'm still a bit...
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    Soundflower/Remotix Asus Z390 Help

    We are building a high end hackintosh that's going to be controlled remotely much of the time. It's an Asus ROG Strix Z390-I, 9900K, and we have everything including audio (S1220A) working great, though I do need to select Internal Speakers to get audio out (green output). When controlling this...
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    [Solved] Mojave on Z390-P and i7-9700k

    I've got audio working great on my configuration that's similar. However I have an unusual problem. I also need to send audio to SoundFlower (for compatibility with Remotix), but the audio isn't passing through to SoundFlower. My theory is that perhaps SoundFlower is looking for source audio on...
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    [SUCCESS] ASUS TUF Z390M-PRO GAMING - i7 9700K - RX 580

    I'm right where you are, black screen with a mouse pointer. I can move the mouse, if I wiggle fast it gets larger, I can even do command-shift-4 and draw a box for a screen grab. Sometimes the pointer turns to a text insert cursor, which leads me to believe there's some text hidden somewhere...
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    MSI GT73VR Titan Pro 4k-200

    I need an ultra powerful portable hackintosh video editing computer (+ VR in Windows). This fits the bill perfectly, GTX1080, i7-6820HK, 4K screen, 64GB RAM, Thunderbolt 3. Somebody please take the dive and get it working. :) Yes, I realize it's 9 lbs, but I'm not planning on using it on my lap...
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    Going from GM1 to release version

    Yes I have, running that only seems to restart the computer without any installation happening.
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    Going from GM1 to release version

    There was actually a GM1 and a GM2, I think GM2 was the released version. I was never able to update past GM1. I'm sure the differences are minor, I just don't like running the non-final release.
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    Going from GM1 to release version

    I know we weren't supposed to talk about the developer previews of Mavericks, and I didn't (for the record, I have a legit developer account). But now that it's out I have a question that is related to the developer releases... I initially installed Mavericks DP4 on my Hack (Z77x-UP5 TH)...
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    [Updated] Stork's Thunderbolt Build: i5-3570K | GA-Z77X-UP5-TH | GTX 760

    [Updated] Stork's Thunderbolt Build: i5-3570K | GA-Z77X-UP5-TH | GTX 650 Ti | Mountain Lion We built three machines very similar to the OP (went with i7s and 660ti). Got them all up and running just fine, but they freeze up about 3-4 times a day. Screen locks up except the mouse. I think the...