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    Blinking underscore all of a sudden, need some help to get my workstation back up and running

    Hey guys, I built my machine about 5 or so years ago now and it has been working perfectly as my main work machine all that time. Late last year I updated to High Sierra, I couldn't go any higher as my graphics card wasn't supported. That didn't bother me. Still working fine for the past year...
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    Updating my OS on my old Hackintosh, still on El Capitan

    Hey guys, Years ago I followed a guide on this forum to set up my main work computer. I am not much of a technical person or really an enthusiast to be honest. I went the hackintosh route because I didn't have the funds available for a legit mac. This machine has served me well for the last few...
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    Successful installation, but I'm unsure of a couple of things.

    Hey all, Thanks to the installation guide and some settings from other users on the forum I managed to get my system up and running with Yosemite without issue. It's my main work machine and it has been smooth sailing since I finished it up. Specs are: I7 4790k GA-Z97M-D3H 32GB of RAM GTX750...
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    [SUCCESS] Gigabyte Z97M-D3H i7-4790K 32Gb GeForce 740SC 4Gb El Capitan 10.11.3

    I'm building a system pretty much the same as yours in the coming weeks. Just waiting for components to arrive. Good to know it should go quite smoothly. Are you going to leave the overclock at 4.7? Also, are you saying that you only installed a single stick of RAM for installation and then...
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    Web development/graphic design machine - Looking for some advice

    Hey all, I'm new here, looking into building a system to replace my very very old iMac. I'm sure i'll be spending a lot of time around here nutting things out. My situation is this, I work for myself as a web developer/graphic designer. I have absolutely no interest in gaming. Apart from my day...