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    macOS 10.12.6 Update

    Really wish I would have paid attention to the part about the drivers not being out yet. Guess I'll single monitor it for a while.
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    macOS 10.12.5 Beta

    Fresh install of 10.12.4 fixed everything for me.
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    macOS 10.12.5 Beta

    Has the beta fixed anyones freezing issues on 10.12.4. I had a solid machine with zero freezes and very few issues at all over the last 4 months. Since updating to 10.12.4(on Monday 4-3-17) it freezes about every 30 minutes or so which is only resolved with a hard shutdown. On top of that a...
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    [100% Working] 12+6 Pin Apple WiFI/BT Card to M.2 NGFF Adapter! Handoff! Unlock with Watch! UEFI!

    Is there a benefit to using an m.2 opposed to a PCI-E adapter? Getting ready to order the stuff and just wondering which to get.
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    Dual Graphics Cards Phantom display?

    I decided to dual boot my PC and ran into a few problems(Audio, graphics card, iMessage, etc) but everything but this one problem I have got fixed and working. One of the main ones is my graphics card is a GTX 1070 which isn't supported so I bought a cheap GT710 til if or when the 1070 is...
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    SOLVED : Simple and quick solution for ALC892 Issue / With GA-Z170M and 10.11.4

    When I do these commands they don't seem to work right. I attached a couple screenshots showing what it is doing. It's just blank for the commands. Edit: I was able to get this changed and its working great now. I had to do it a different way by copying the kext to the desktop then editing the...