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    OS Installation on a RAID 0 Array

    Alright then, thanks to all of you. I suppose I'll be going with one OS on one SSD. It'll still be pretty fast, though. :D
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    OS Installation on a RAID 0 Array

    Alright. But installing OS X on the HDD then transferring it over to the RAID created with disk utility wouldn't work? Why not? I'll think about using one drive for Windows and one for OS X. Do you think 250GB will be enough for the OS's, a lot of apps, and on windows, a bunch of games? I'm...
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    OS Installation on a RAID 0 Array

    Hey, My intended storage configuration will be the following: 2 x 250GB Samsung EVO SSD (In RAID 0) 1 x 2TB Western Digital Black HDD All of the RAID 0 tutorials I've seen so far involve installing OS X on a third drive, then cloning it to a RAID 0 array made using disk utility. As I see it...
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    Will This Build Work?

    Hey guys, I plan on building a Hackintosh (~$2000 budget, not including peripherals,) and I just need to know if these parts will work together. Any sort of general advice would also be helpful. Here's a list of the parts: ** I plan on using the ASUS PB287Q (4k), is there anything I should...