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    Name the Next macOS (10.13)

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    Do you own a real Mac?

    i own a mac pro 5,1 mid 2010 (first apple computer), and hackintosh .
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    Clover boot is slow .

    Anybody? :-(
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    Clover boot is slow .

    Hi all I finally made El capitan as my main os , after solving most problems, Now i still can't figure out why my boot is slow, I have Kingston solid state drive 120 GB, Yosemite with chimera takes 15 seconds to boot , But el capitan with clover takes 1:05 , i replaced VBoxHfs-.efi with...
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    UniBeast: Install OS X El Capitan on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    Thanks for everything , i managed to get it running , Unibeast flash drive somehow doesn't boot , The solution was to install yosemite with clover and update to el capitan like a real mac following this guide...
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    UniBeast: Install OS X El Capitan on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    I started creating the unibeast usb at 1 pm , it's 3 pm now and still not done, usb 2.0 . am i doing anything wrong or what???
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    Get Ready for OS X El Capitan

    I'm sooo excited :headbang:, thanks tony ,I never used clover before .
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    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for OS X 10.11 Beta (346.03.01)

    On my computer it says "This computer is not compatible with the NVIDIA Web Driver." i think because of system definition , But i tried changing my system definition to mac pro and other compatible computers , But it always stays the same .as iMac 27-inch ,late 2013. i used multibeast but it...
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    How to Create a OS X El Capitan Public Beta Installation USB Using Clover

    This method never works for me , It restarts after it boots . I'm waiting for unibeast , Thanks for the guide though .
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    OS X 10.10.4 Update

    Worked no problems, i had boot with nv_disavle=1 GraphicsEnabler=No , Installed Nvidia web drivers rebooted , i didn't have to install audio or anything else
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    USB Bluetooth adapter you Yosemite -compatibility?

    Thanks a lot , i just ordered GMYLE BT one . really appreciate your help 8-)
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    USB Bluetooth adapter you Yosemite -compatibility?

    Hello guy , i finally i built my first hackintosh . Intel Core I3 4370 Intel HD 4600 Gigabyte H81M-H iMac A1208 Wifi Card BCM94321M+Mini PCI-E adapte Everything worked . I already owned an Apple magic mouse , But i don't know what bluetooth usb dongle will work for Yosemite 10.10.3 I'm...