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    [Solved] UEFI clover boot option gone after BIOS update

    please help me. I have the exact same problem. i don't know how to locate my cloverx64.efi file. i mean, i think i have.... but i'm not sure if it's right. i have an 'efi-backups' folder in my 'my computer' directory which takes me to it. aka...
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    Yosemite Hackintosh WORKING but need help installing GTX 970. HELP!! :(

    okay, so I just managed to get my first hackintosh running but with a few issues. spec: i5 4960k z97 gaming 5 motherboard 8gb corsair vengeance msi gtx 970 4gb audio: working fine. ethernet: working fine. ram: seemingly 8gb detected. graphics: managed to get it detected showing all the 4gb...