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    Gigabyte B365M-DS3H Installation

    Does anybody have a success with Big Sur or Monterey installation on your configuration of GIGABYTE B360M-D3SH or GIGABYTE B365M-D3SH? I have Catalina successfully running on GIGABYTE B360M-D3SH for a two years. I can install Big Sur or Monterey (with OpenCore 0.7.5) on it, but i have constant...
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    No HDMI Audio On GigaByte B360m DS3H

    Hi! I have intel i5 8400 and a Gigabyte B360M-DS3H without standalone video card and I can install Mojave changing CLOVER folder on the USB drive created from Clover 2.5103 with your CLOVER folder. But I can't update Mojave to Catalina in this installation. Did you update it successfully or did...