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    [SUCCESS] blouse's "Hack Pro" :: i9-9900K + Z390 Aorus Pro + Vega 64 + TB3 + USB3 :: 100% working

    I found my problem. Through experimenting with a couple of bulk copies of data in my hack, I started noticing that my backup SSD was often the "star of the show". This SSD (a non M.2 device) is APFS formatted. I reformatted it to MAC OS extended. I've since tried about 5 different bulk...
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    [SUCCESS] blouse's "Hack Pro" :: i9-9900K + Z390 Aorus Pro + Vega 64 + TB3 + USB3 :: 100% working

    @psedog - So your config.plist worked for me straight out of the box. And SSDT seems to be working too. Will be testing more extensively over next few days but so far looks promising. MANY THANKS!
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    [SUCCESS] blouse's "Hack Pro" :: i9-9900K + Z390 Aorus Pro + Vega 64 + TB3 + USB3 :: 100% working

    @psedog - hey thanks! Will try the items in your thread. If I want to use your SSDT file do I need to make any edits becuase my GPU is the Sapphire pulse or can I just use it as is? I appreciate the guidance!
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    [SUCCESS] blouse's "Hack Pro" :: i9-9900K + Z390 Aorus Pro + Vega 64 + TB3 + USB3 :: 100% working

    @blouse - I also just built out a Z390 auros pro wifi with i9 and 32gb. 970 EVO m2. Single Radeon Sapphire Pulse. I've got one odd issue that I can reliably produce. My system freezes during large/bulk IO operations. Example. If I copy 30gb or so worth of files from a USB disk to my...
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    Slow boot Mojave

    If this is still a problem for you (or others who come after you), try the following which worked for me. I disabled the built in graphics on my motherboard. Mojave boots in 15 seconds now (used to be 85 seconds).
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    Clover doesn’t see/won’t boot my customac anymore.

    Had been working fine for over two years. Last night I powered it up, and clover no longer saw/booted my MAC OS. It only showed me the recovery partition (with the big Red Cross on it). I tried booting that - and it comes up ok. But the only options it gives me are to reinstall MAC OS...
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    Copy MAC encryped disk files to another MAC?

    My hackintosh stopped working today after running solid for a couple of years. Just won't boot. At this point I just want to copy files over to some other safe place. But the drive is MAC OS encrypted. I have the encryption key. Can I just mount the drive in a USB SATA enclosure and copy...
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    Need help. Intermittent error allocating...

    This has been a pain in the ass upgrade. But in retrospect I made some mistakes in the process. - I didn't erase/repartition the HD prior to USB install. So even though the USB install worked ok, the drive would never boot by itself etc. Once I erased and reinstalled, I completed the...
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    Stuck on MAC Logo

    try erasing/reformatting the target hard drive prior to starting your USB install process.
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    Need help. Intermittent error allocating...

    Disabled the onboard intel graphics on my mobo and now everything is fine.
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    Prohibited Sign AFTER Successful El Capitan Install

    You might want to throw in the -v flag so you can get some msgs back around where's it's crapping out. I had a similar thing happening to me that I just fixed. I disabled the onboard integrated graphics on my mobo and it's been booting fine since.
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    Need help. Intermittent error allocating...

    Couldn't allocate runtime area. Boot failed. The odd thing is that it will eventually work ok after I restart about 2x. No issues once it's up and running. What would cause that - and what can I do about it. It's a pain to have to keep recycling until I get a good boot. Any help is...
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    error allocating 0x126cf pages 0x00000000056ce000

    what boot flags are you using and did you at least have nv_disable=1 specified?
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    El Capitan 10.11.4 - panic at "starting darwin x86_64"

    Update. I disabled SIP and now it just restarts the machine just before it's about to launch El Capitan. This reminds me vaguely of a build I did a couple of years ago on an hp laptop where I had to copy the Mach kernel from the USB to the hard disk to get it to launch properly. note that I...
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    El Capitan 10.11.4 - panic at "starting darwin x86_64"

    I couldn't resolve my installation problem with updating in place from Yosemite to El Capitan 10.11.4. So I went with a USB install instead - which seemed to work. But I can't boot from the OSX instance on my ssd. I get a panic just after it says, "starting darwin x64" Not sure what...