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    Clover versions. Which are legitimate.

    I have a question regarding the version of Clover boot loader that should be used. I am about to update to the latest version of Catalina (10.15.2) and I normally go through the procedure of backups and updating the boot loader and kexts. I normally use SourceForge to get the latest boot...
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    Mojave slow to wake up from sleep

    Hi, I am having a bit of an issue with my hackintosh where it can take a minute or two for my displays to turn on after waking up from sleep. It is generally erratic in that for most of the time it is fine but later starts to be slow. I just updated to 10.14.3 and I notice that it happens all...
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    Using Xcode Text View issue

    Hi, Some of the unusual Hackintosh issues I have experienced are related to working with Xcode. In a current project, I discovered when I add a text view to the view controller in the storyboard and then build and run the app will hit a breakpoint at the start of the AppDelegate class. The...
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    [SOLVED] Default Boot

    SOLVED!!! The phantom install partition happened to be a leftover installer from El Capitan. To get rid of it I hit spacebar and info was provided to the effect that it was related to macOS 10.11. Other information revealed a path to IABootFiles/boot.efi. This is a hidden directory at the root...
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    [SOLVED] Default Boot

    Yep done all that already, like I usually do but Clover decides it is going to use the install drive.
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    [SOLVED] Default Boot

    Hi All, Just finished a successful upgrade to Sierra. The only crease to iron out regards booting into the correct volume. I have set up with Clover Configurator to boot into the volume Mac (My MacintoshHD name) by default. But, on boot it is set to to Boot OS X Install from Mac and not Mac...
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    iTunes 11.1.3 Video not playing (SD/HD/DRM Content) - solved?

    Just reading through the problems other are having regarding the iTunes playing movies issue. My solution for the moment is running iTunes on Windows 10 as a virtual machine in Parallels. So far I can now play the movie trailers so I am guessing rentals will be OK. I will report back if...