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    Intel NUC 10 Frost Canyon

    Any layout for hdmi?
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    Can't boot after update bios

    Thank you for the confirmation. Can i do anything ?
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    Can't boot after update bios

    Ye i know that i have to recompile the dsdt, but for now i was trying to boot without dsdt and after that try to fix it. Asus ez flash doesnt let me to downgrade the bios, and winflash too (even with /nodate)
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    Can't boot after update bios

    Hi, as i said in the title i updated my notebook in spec from bios 300 to 304, after that i can't boot anymore. I removed the dsdt and the ssdt generated with the old bios but no luck anyway. As far as i know the pc stuck just before the apple logo so i think it is somehow related to the igpu...
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    [Guide] Disabling discrete graphics in dual-GPU laptops

    Followed the guide but I keep having an heavy battery drain, can anyone check my config?
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    USB port limit patch for 14.1, 14.2, 14.3, 14.5,14.6

    Any news for 10.14.4?
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    Cant boot clover

    Even if I boot with the usb I can't see my Mac partition Edit : Fixed with ApfsDriverLoader*.efi+AppleImageLoader*.efi
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    Cant boot clover

    Hi guys, after installing ubuntu on another partition i can't boot clover. It gives me this error. How can i fix it?
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    Problem with dw1830

    Hi, I just installed a DW1830 but it doesn't connect to my wifi. Do you have any idea ? Can it be a defective one?
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    Cd/Dvd doesnt work properly

    Hi, Im on mojave beta and everything works good except the dvd/cd reader. It can read cds and dvds but if i insert a blank one it doesn't appear in Finder and i cant burn the cd/dvd in itunes/burn too. Is there a way to fix it? Edit: ok it seems partially a bug of Mojave...
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    Mojave Boot Glitches

    It happens to me too (since high Sierra I think), not a problem...
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    [solved] Handoff working in only one direction

    Did you modify somehow your IO80211Family.kext? In kextcache has an invalide signature...or can you post it here? Im trying to fix my handoff problem too (if its possible)
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    [solved] Handoff working in only one direction

    I doesn't have strange patches or kexts, I just followed the guide.
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    [solved] Handoff working in only one direction

    Installed both, nothing changed. Does hotspot work for you?
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    [solved] Handoff working in only one direction

    Installed AirportBrcmfixup + Lilu for wifi and BrcmFirmwareRepo and BrcmPatchRAM2 for bluetooth (in L/E obviously )