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    Allround Mac Pro - Opinions

    yeah but firewire is way more better than USB... I'm still using it often today. For the CPU I'm just asking...
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    What are the next releases we all wait for?

    Hello, I've been waiting for a while to finish my build, so I won't rush right now to finish it... I would like to know if we have to wait for something with Xeon affordable and fully functional? (Do we need to wait for Apple MAcPro Xeon release?) Quad Core E5-1620 V2 ? Look like the Haswell...
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    Allround Mac Pro - Opinions

    I was about doing the same kind, but I was asking myself why not choosing a MotherBoard with Thunderbolt : GA-Z87X-UD5 TH and also I'm not sure if the CPU really need a "K" maybe it's better buying a more simple like : Intel Core i7-4771 or a i5-4670 ? What do you think ?
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    Building a CustoMac: Buyer's Guide October 2013

    Article: Building a CustoMac: Buyer's Guide October 2013 When gigabyte will release a Thunderbolt MB for european market???? Do you think it's better grabing money to get a USB3 instead of waiting???
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    Can we have a comparative about MB Gigabyte "GA-Z87X-UD7 TH" "GA-Z87X-UD5 TH" "GA-Z87X-UD5H" ?

    Hello, Someone can help me to point the differences between those MB Gigabyte "Z87X-UD7 TH" "Z87X-UD5 TH" "Z87X-UD5H" ? What are the main differences ? Wich one will be the best compromise ? It look likes there's USB3 everywhere, and only the TH have thunderbolt included. I think the...
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    GA Z77X UP5 TH is EOL

    yes but prices are going up... 100€ more than few month ago... Can we expect rebates when new mac are coming ?
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    Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP5TH no more stock ?

    i was going to buy this mother board but it's look like the price is going up more 100€ in France... 380€ in stead of 280€. It is because of Haswell coming soon ? Do you think I will have the possibility to find one Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP5TH after haswell on the market ?
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    Avid Media Composer 6.5 always crash

    It's work for me on my Imac only the 6.5 lots of trouble with the 6.0 but I've got a friend also with a windows 7 expecting lot's of troubles to make it work. This are not Hackintosh, but it's look like many people having trouble with AVID on windows actually. I've got the same error message...
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    GA-Z77X-UP5 TH vs GA-Z77X-UD5H

    I still don't have any mother board. I know that TB mean Thunderbolt. I just don't know if it's better choosing an UP5 or a UD5. I think I will choose an UP5 because it's look like easier to configure, as I can't found any good PCIe FW800. Thanks for you help.
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    GA-Z77X-UP5 TH vs GA-Z77X-UD5H

    I've no TB We are in a post named : GA-Z77X-UP5 TH vs GA-Z77X-UD5H I don't know wich one choosing ?
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    GA-Z77X-UP5 TH vs GA-Z77X-UD5H

    Sorry but I've already posting the same question in the post you're quoting... (going bald) What's the cheapest way to do it ? for a full functional FW800. Wich one are the troubles with this cheap PCIe card (Syba Low Profile PCI-Express 1394b/1394a (2B1A) Card, TI Chipset, Extra Regular...
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    GA-Z77X-UP5 TH vs GA-Z77X-UD5H

    Ok thanks, it's look like fine. Any suggestion about best solutions for Firewire actually ?
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    Fusion & Dual Boot, how to do it at the same time ?

    Hello there, Soon I will start ordering last parts to build my own Hackintosh. I would like to know if there's a guide for making a Fusion drive with SSD 256Go+HDD 2To for mountain lion 10.8.2. At the same time I would like to be able to make a dual Boot with windows on another drive HHD...
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    GA-Z77X-UP5 TH vs GA-Z77X-UD5H

    It's OK thanks. I'm just trying to figure out wich is the best Gigabyte MB to use with FW800. here is the link :,4279 Very hard choice... I've got some difficulty understanding differences about mSATA : "Marvell 88SE9172...
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    GA-Z77X-UP5 TH vs GA-Z77X-UD5H

    Is there any website to list & compare easily differences between those motherboards ? (French prices on amazon) MSI Z77MA-G45 / 95€ ASUS P8Z77-M PRO / 120€ GA-Z77X-UD5H (rev. 1.0) / 200€ GA-Z77X-UP5 TH (rev. 1.0) / 270€ I need basically to see how many connections there is for : FW800 (1394b)...